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☾ Free Astrology Reading (Set Your Intentions Now)

☾ Free Astrology Reading (Set Your Intentions Now)

Most urgent areas can upend your life.

Find out what energies are at play…

Do you “set intentions” during powerful times?

What were your goals for 2016?

Advancing your career? Finding love? Deepening your relationship? Getting out in nature more often? Transforming your personal power?

Can you believe it’s now more than half way through 2016? Let’s take stock of your accomplishments toward your goals.

If you are a believer in how planetary alignments affect your progress this email is for you.

You see, I enjoy having astrology readings. Do I believe in them as science? No. But I do like to set intentions during powerful times such as full moons and solar eclipses like the two coming up in September:

September 1: Annular Solar Eclipse

September 16: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Astrologers say that where the eclipses fall in your chart correlate strongly with the areas of life that are most urgent for you. Eclipses bring changes like traumatic breakups in relationships, life-changing injuries, career breakthroughs, family issues, and other challenges that can completely upend your life.

For me, being in tune with seasonal and astral changes makes me feel closer to the earth, closer to my primal, powerful self.

With that in mind, I’ve set you up with a free astrology reading by my friend Adrian Duncan of Astrological Insights.


Astrologically, a solar eclipse in any sign indicates new beginnings or dramatic shifts in your life.

We are about to enter a very auspicious time with the Solar Eclipse on September 1st —a time when the astral energies are considered extremely potent.

Astrologists believe that New Moons heighten what’s happening to you because of their alignment with the Earth and Sun.

According to Duncan, with the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Virgo, we all need to “get our affairs in order” (as Virgo energy requires of us). And for those with Virgo in a critical angle, or with Natal planets located there, this is the perfect time for accomplishing your most important goals.

The only way to really know how to make the most of this is by understanding how the eclipse is going to affect you in your personal, astrological birth chart (also called your Natal Chart).

Since the potent forces involved in the upcoming Solar Eclipse will help shape the events and experiences in your life, knowing how they affect you will be crucial to taking advantage of all the opportunities this”cosmic shift” has to offer.

On September 1st, we will all experience a full Solar Eclipse in the sign of Virgo. Now what this means to you depends on a few critical details, including:

➤ Where the sign of Virgo is located in your personal, astrological birth chart (Natal chart)
➤ Whether or not you have any natal planets in Virgo
➤ Which of those planets are in the sign of Virgo and in which degree
➤ What aspects those planets are dealing with to other planets in your natal chart

Depending on the factors above, you could be set to take advantage of incredible opportunities this autumn!

But the only way to really know if this Eclipse will impact you positively or negatively is to find out for yourself, with your own Natal Reading.

When you have your own Natal Report, you’ll be able to uncover hidden strengths, your secret desires, and the reasons behind those frustrating obstacles that seem to keep repeating themselves.

And once you understand these things, you can begin to steer your life in the direction of your desires!

It can take up to 24 hours for Duncan to send you your personalized reading. Please wait a day to receive your free Natal chart.

Your Personalized Natal Report Lets You…

➤ Understand more about YOU, based on your Astrological Birth Blueprint
➤ Connect more deeply with your life and destiny
➤ Gain clarity about your personality and relationships around you
➤ Find out what energies are at play and influencing your life
➤ Discover what you were truly destined to Be, Do and Have in this life!

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  2. My birthday is 8/1/77. I want to find the woman I’ll fall in love with and who’ll fall in love with me. I want to be in love.

  3. thanks very much in advance for the free reading.

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