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How To Get Mega Hard Erections

How To Get Mega Hard Erections

I’m about to tell you the cold hard truth about why male enhancement might not work for you. And depending on certain factors, you might not like what you’re about to hear.

But remember, I’m only doing this because I don’t want you to follow a path that might take you to a dead-end.

So here it is.

Penis enhancement is a waste of time… for some men. I’m talking about pills, shakes, pumps, even stretching exercises.

They’re not “magical solutions.”

I’d like them to be, but they’re not. You shouldn’t rely on penis enhancement products alone.

Contrary to the way they’re often marketed, the truth is you can’t make your manhood grow bigger or get your penis rock-hard if you don’t take care of the rest of your body.

You CAN grow a bigger penis with penile exercises. You CAN get rock-hard erections from penis enhancement shakes and supplements.

However, you also need to follow other routines such as:

#1 Eating healthy.

Scrap the junk foods like sweets, salty foods and unhealthy fats. All three can make you gain excess weight and fat, which lead to heart problems, diabetes and poor circulation. If there’s less blood flow to your manhood, you’re going to have to say bye-bye to getting hard and staying hard.

#2 Exercise daily.

Sitting on your butt all day will lead to being overweight and having poor circulation. And again, that’s a no-no for your penis. Make it a habit to do even some light cardio every day. Even just a 30-minute to an hour-long walk will be life-changing.

#3 If you smoke, stop doing it.

Smoking not only messes up your lungs and leads to lung cancer, it also pollutes your blood as it circulates throughout your body from your lungs. This ruins everything, including your blood circulation, which again, kills your chances at rock-hard erections.

Notice a trend? Circulation, circulation, circulation.

#4 Use it or lose it.

Multiple studies with men experiencing ED show that manhoods shrink when not used. So don’t stop having sex!

My advice for staying hard is to be present in the moment with your lover. Get out of your own head and focus your attention on all the wonderful sensations you’re feeling as you and your partner are naked together in bed.

#5 Doing penis exercises properly.

There is a TON of information online about penis stretching exercises that enhance size, hardness and staying power. Just don’t overdo them. Once per day is enough because it takes time for the penile tissue to recover.

Go to to read some of our best articles on this topic.

#6 Picking the right penis enhancement supplements.

The reason why I don’t often promote penis products is because of what I just talked about above.

They won’t work unless you take care of your body first.

But when you’re eating, exercising, and having sex right, all that’s left is to aid your body with the right superfoods that promote blood flow circulation to your penis.

Here’s a great supplement I’ve heard so much about. It has ingredients that are known to aid in promoting blood flow to your manhood, giving you the mega hard-ons that will make a woman scream with pleasure during sex.

Don’t rely on penis enhancement products alone. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet free from excess sugar, salt and cholesterol, with lots of fiber, zinc and magnesium. Also include daily exercise and have lots of sex. When you have these taken care of, get faster and noticeable results with a good supplement.

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  1. y drink and eat healty,but no erection, there is the urge, but that is all.

    • Joost, its hard to mix what you’re having problems with.

      Like with me if I struggle to have an erection its due to lack of desire for sex.. But once I hve the desire and need sometimes its lust but I will have mad erections lol..

      try this, I also do it also, no more masterbation this is no.1 coz this eats away the desire for like 200% faster bro, also invest on some horny goat weed and the list Sloane suggests for us above especially Zinc!! It gets me really fired up and ready for physical, activity my man whether its sex gym work you name it Zinc will help you throu it lol.. Then lastly. Pick up girls from the 15th all the way to month end. Most women are ovulating around this time and also there are new or full moons they help alot if you’re a water zodiac sign or the moon is your planet.. The moon brings strong energy and this energy vibrates more when you’re also sexually charged. This is when you’re having urges or desires for sex or that you’re having lots of sex you know then once come the moon you’ll be the hottest thing in town and women want you really hard!!

      also tell yourself women are cool girls and they can’t wait to touch you and fuck your powerful dick! Lol I sy this all the time to myself it works always coz Immediately I’m in a good mood coz I’m powerful like that! And stop rating women as a 10 a 5 whatever all women are cool sexual beings who wanna please their men.

      once this is sorted and followed crazy erection are just a short distance and when they come they will be fulfilling and satisfying both you and your girl but also try to,stop thinking about sex, sex is life it always happens nd wil continue to,happen so worry less on it and others and just be happy with yourself women love a guy whose happy with themselves.

      all the best! ;D

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