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Lust-Inducing Triggers For Your Wife

Lust-Inducing Triggers For Your Wife

There’s a “dirty video” going around about lust-inducing chase triggers that help married men elicit sexual cravings in their wives… and makes them hunger for their man again.

I don’t usually send this kind of stuff to married guys.

Mostly because you already have a warm, loving wife to have and to hold (and to make love to) in your arms.

This information is supposedly just for single guys looking for love, affection and sex.

However, because I’ve been getting a lot of emails from some married men that their wives are no longer feeling the urge to jump into bed with them, I’m compelled to send this to you.

You might want to see this and I don’t want to keep it from you:

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⇐ The “Dirty Video” That Shows Men How To Make Their Wives Hungry For Their Lovin’


These lust-inducing triggers are based on the scientific phenomena of “Effort Justification.”

You may have also heard of it as the “Ben Franklin Effect.”

Basically, when a person does you a favor, their subconscious will think that they actually like you which is why they’re doing the said action.

After repeated instances, a person will weirdly grow to like you a little more each time.

Their brain justifies the action as “I like this person. That’s why I’m doing something for them.”

What if you use the concept of effort justification to get your wife turned on so much that she’ll even initiate the romance, the teasing, the foreplay and the sex?

That’s exactly why I’m sharing this with you.

And that’s exactly what this “dirty video” is going to show you.

Make Her Lustfully Yours Again.


  1. Great stuff

  2. I just need the one for wives and girlfriends called ” Make him want you bad”. I’m in a relationship with a man who does not share my needs for kinky, new or adventurous, or having sex as often as if like. I’m sure he’s sexually experienced but almost untrainable. I’ve tried everything for about five yrs and am constantly frustrated. I’m good looking, well groomed and look younger than my age but I just don’t understand what’s going on here. He doesn’t even stop what he’s doing and get excited when I start trying on lingerie. I’m at a loss. So confused , feeling rejected and my self esteem has suffered. He said he feels pressured or obligated to have sex with me. I’ve never experienced this. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

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