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How To Cure Pain During Intercourse

How To Cure Pain During Intercourse

Childbirth causes vaginal scarring in many women. The scars can make intercourse painful.

Here’s a message from Joe asking for my advice.

And here’s a video with all my excellent recommendations to permanently heal vaginal scarring!



Hi Susan,

I have a question that maybe you can help with. My wife has a scar from childbirth on the bottom part of her yoni.

Last night during sex (mermaid position I could tell she was uncomfortable by reading her body language so I stopped and said babe I can tell this isn’t working for you.

I was changing my hip position so I was below her yoni and when I was thrusting (slow, deep and deliberate shifting sides on occasion) my penis was hitting the top G area of her vagina. Apparently this was putting pressure on her scar and causing her pain. I had no idea. I was trying to change things up and stimulate her G area with my penis.

I think I understand what she means but was thinking of asking her to show me where the scar is. She said it hurts when I push down on it. I assume she means the underside of my penis as my hips were below her yoni. I’m going to ask her tonight just to make sure. The last thing I wanted was to hurt her. I told her as much last night.

During sex she gave me the dreaded can you finish up soon, but I completely understood afterwards when she explained it was painful. We did finish in a different position which seemed to help her.

My wife isn’t very vocal during sex so I have to read her biofeedback to tell if she is enjoying it or not. This can be a little frustrating. I wish she would just say yeah right there baby or do it like this babe that isn’t working for me.

At least she is communicating with me afterwards to let me know what isn’t working for her. She finally told me about the how I was pushing on her scar when I probed her about why that position might not have worked for her.

When she eventually told me… all I said was” thank you” like you teach us. I will try not to push on your scar again. I also said darn kids and their big heads which made us both laugh. Then I said…but you sure do make beautiful babies though babe! Love you!

I love it. I always tell her thank you when she gives me feedback positive or negative now. Great advice! Anyway have you come across other guys whose wives are having pain from childbirth scars. Any tips or ideas of how I can make it less painful for her? I’m thinking I have to keep my hips above her yoni. It makes sense to me now why her go to position has been missionary. It probably puts less pressure on her scar.” — Joe


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The kind of oil I recommend you use (unless you have an allergy to avocados” is this Hobe Avocado Oil. Hobe Avocado Oil is cosmetic grade, GMO-free, cold pressed 100% pure (no cheap oil fillers) and uses Vitamin E Oil as a preservative. The Vitamin E Oil is made of synthetic alpha tocopherol and is infused with Safflower and Lemon oil. It is known for it’s excellent anti-oxidant property which slows down natural rancidity in oils and you do not need to refrigerate Hobe Avocado Oil. It’s thicker and more viscous as well as more emollient than organic coconut oil and works very well for Yoni Massage.


As always, if you have any questions, just email me. I do my best to help everyone with all your sexual issues and desires. There is no question to “dumb.” I’m here for you.

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  1. Hi I try to read all of your notes. Theyr great. No partner at this time. One day soon that will chang, grasping all I can for that day. Thanks again for your info.

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