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How To Make A Woman Chase You

How To Make A Woman Chase You

Men need to hunt. For everything… except women and sex. Here’s why

If you’re a guy, you’ve been taught all your life that you have to spend your entire life “hunting” and “providing.” You’ve been taught that it’s encoded in your DNA.

Go out. Get the money. Get the women. Always hunt.

It’s the manly thing to do.

So it makes sense that men should always make the first move when they approach women for dates, intimacy, love or just mindless casual sex. Right?

Well, it USED to be.


Smart men have figured out how to get absolutely gorgeous and incredibly hot women to chase them around for love and sex.

And it’s because of this idea of “Chase Triggers.”

When you perform a chase trigger on a woman, it gives her feelings of attraction and arousal that practically force her to make the first move and chase you.

Chase Triggers are great because they work regardless of your looks, status or how the woman feels about you.

Which means these psychological techniques can work on your beautiful lady friend who you’ve always had a crush on, co-workers, or even complete strangers.

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