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5 Major Questions About Mantea Rock Hard Formula Answered

5 Major Questions About Mantea Rock Hard Formula Answered

If you haven’t tried ManTea: Rock Hard Formula yet, you should probably do so before the sale is over and the price goes up.

I mean, wouldn’t you like to have unbreakable, strong-as-steel hard-ons and last-all-night-long staying power?

So would any woman. Women love men with hard cannons that can shoot massive loads.

And that’s what ManTea: Rock Hard Formula does for your manhood.

Right now, I’m getting blasted.

My inbox is blowing up in my face with emails asking me questions about this powerful, all-natural ERECTION-BOOSTING tea.

Instead of answering everyone individually, in this email I’ll share the 5 most common questions about Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula…


Question #1: Why Is Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula Better Than Penis Pills?

Well, for starters, penis pills are artificial.

And with any kind of food or supplement that’s artificial, some nasty side effects come along.

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is 100% natural and safe to consume.

I would know. I make sure my husband drinks this every day.

Question #2: Will It Work For Older Guys?

Yes, Man Tea was designed for men of all ages.

That’s because it’s not made in a lab where they tinker with the ingredients like they’re trying to create Frankenstein’s monster.

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is a combination of superherbs in their most natural form.

Question #3: What’s In It, and Is It Safe?

Man Tea is 100% natural.

No sugar, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. No Trans Fats.

Just some of the most potent SuperHerbs on the planet, designed to help you Get Hard, Stay Hard, and freak your woman in bed all night long.

These are Goji Berry, Cistanche, Nettle Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Eucommia Bark, Horny Goat Weed, Morinda Root, and Salvia Root.

You can go look each of these up online if you want to know more about them.

Question #4: How Do I Take It?

It’s really quick and easy…

Simply add 2 teaspoons of the ready-made, ready-mixed powder to a mug of warm (or hot) water.

Then stir, and drink.

Anytime of day you like. Though morning is best.

Question #5: Is It Guaranteed?

Yes. It certainly is.

When you invest in Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula today, you do so with total peace-of-mind – because you’re covered by the following guarantee:

30 day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back. No questions asked.

So what you waiting for?

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