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How Can I Improve My Sexual Performance Naturally

How Can I Improve My Sexual Performance Naturally

Below are the ingredients of ManTea: Rock Hard Formula. So you can go get them yourself. OR, why not just get everything in one place right here. Drink to health, and drink to HARDNESS.

You’re probably hearing a lot of people talk about this amazing ManTea drink.

That’s because it works.

I should know, I’m feeding my husband, Tim, with the stuff.

He loves it. And I love it… because it gives his manhood the power it needs to satisfy my late night cravings (if you know what I mean.)

But I’m not here to talk about MY sex life.

I’m here to talk about YOUR sex life, and how you can significantly make it so much better just by drinking a special drink made for men and their poles.

Now, you’re probably thinking what’s inside it? Is it all just some artificial gunk?

Well, the answer is NO. Heck no! Here’s why…


I never put junk inside my body. I treat my husband the same way.

And Adam’s a friend of mine. So I trust him when he says there are no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, no trans fat, no soy, no gluten, no GMOs, just the natural ingredients.

But I thought to myself, what ARE these natural ingredients?

So I did a little detective work, did some research, and discovered what was really inside ManTea: Rock Hard Formula.

Here’s what’s listed on their website.

Ho She Wu, 10:1 extract powder.
Ho She Wu is the most amazing anti-aging and longevity herb of all – and can be used to increase sex-drive, fertility, sperm count and build semen volume (even in old men)

Polyrachis Ant, 10:1 extract powder
Polyrachis Ant is an ELITE sexual tonic for men. Ant has the highest Zinc content of all known living organisms. Great news for any man wanting HARDER erections because LOW zinc levels are one of the main causes of erection problems.

Deer Antler, 10:1 extract powder
Deer Antler has many benefits such as increased Testosterone, fertility and sex-drive. There is also mention of this powerful herb being used to treat erectile dysfunction

Goji Berry, 10:1 extract powder
Goji Berry can give you a number of improvements in sexual function. These improvements occur because Goji encourages circulation (and blow flow) around the body.

Cistanche, 10:1 extract powder
Cistanche is known to provide an increase in sexual potency, and even size, in men. Also mentioned is how this herb improves sexual function and can help to fix erectile dysfunction.

Tribulus Terrestris, 10:1 extract powder
Of the many benefits men can get from Tribulus – the following are probably of most interest… it’s a natural testosterone booster that improves sexual function, and sexual satisfaction.

Horny Goat Weed, 10:1 extract powder
Horny Goat Weed can: increase sex-drive, testosterone levels and stamina in men. While also helping boost erectile performance and rekindle sexual fire. It’s also named one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world.

Eucommia Bark, 10:1 extract powder
Eucommia Bark is a powerful strengthener of the reproductive system, and stimulator of the sex glands and organs. They also detail how this Superherb can normalize sexual function and increase libido.

Morinda Root, 10:1 extract powder
Morinda Root can be used to strengthen male sexual performance, and improve impotence and premature ejaculation. And they show studies that prove it.

Salvia Root, 10:1 extract powder
Salvia Root supports healthy blood circulation around the body. Healthy blood flow is required for a strong erection, hence the reason why this herb is important for any man wanting hard, long lasting erections.

You can acquire these ingredients on your own and make your very own ManTea: Rock Hard Formula.

However, if you want everything in one place, you can get it here.


What’s great about ManTea: Rock Hard Formula is that it really does give extra life, energy, and a little extra punch in my man’s member.

I wouldn’t be feeding my husband this drink if it didn’t work.

Try it yourself. Then let me know how it goes for you.

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