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How To Start A Magnetic Conversation

How To Start A Magnetic Conversation

Seduce a person’s brain before their heart…

If there’s one obstacle that stops a person from welcoming a lover into their lives, it would be knowing what to say.

That’s where everything starts, right?

Before you become lovers… before that first date… even before you exchange contact info…

There has to be some sort of conversation for anything of value can happen.

Yes, even on Tinder.

Because even though it’s just swiping, you’re still going to have to talk to each other when you meet up.

And you can’t fake it with pickup lines and dating “tricks.”

What really works is knowing how to start an engaging conversation that pulls the other person in like a magnet, arousing their interest in you, and making them consider you as boyfriend or girlfriend material.

It’s called banter.

However, it’s just not about “talking” about anything. There are specific words that more powerfully elicit bonding emotions in a person’s mind. Some words are more effective than others. And there are topics that are more engaging than others.

There’s an art to it.

That’s why I suggest checking out the Plug-In Principle here.

This video about The Plug In Principle explains why there are certain words that work better to romance and seduce anyone you are attracted to.

Our brains are oriented toward certain language and if you know the words you can be more effective at happily dating.

If you have no good models — like your parents didn’t have a sweet, romantic relationship for example — then this is a way to easily understand how to generate chemistry with your conversations when dating.

It’s competitive out there.

Dating is time consuming and expensive.

If you would be served by knowing the “right things to say” to someone you’re dating or interesting in dating, watch this video to learn more.

Language is a powerful tool in the romantic toolkit.

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