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Instant Hardness Technique

Instant Hardness Technique

Slow ride… Take it easy…
Slow down, go down, got to get your lovin’ one more time
Hold me, roll me, slow ridin’ woman you’re so fine

Three words to remember when you’re making love to your hot, slutty lover.?

Serve The Sex.

What I mean by that is that is whatever happens, you have to keep the sex alive, pulsing, moving.

Don’t leave any “dead air” during lovemaking. Everything has to be liquid and flowing.

Always have a game plan in mind to keep things exciting. Have some surprise moves and sensually sweet nothings you can whisper in your lover’s ear to amplify her turn on.

This is especially true if you encounter some unexpected problems like getting soft in the heat of the moment.

Or worse, not able to get it hard and ready to rock.

That’s why it’s important to know exactly what to do when your manhood is going through an “off-day.” You don’t want to tell your lover, “I can’t do it tonight, Honey. I can’t get hard.”

Serve The Sex.

That’s why I think you should take a look at Lloyd Lester’s Unstoppable Hardness program.

Especially the part where he talks about an Instant Hardness Technique,.

And how to react during “off-days.” When your manhood isn’t cooperating, know exactly how to Serve The Sex, so your woman doesn’t get pissed off at you and ruin the steamy vibe.

Lloyd Lester is considered one of the most respected and knowledgeable sex experts around. He is the author of books such as Orgasm on Command, Orgasmic Licks, Orgasmic Thrusts, and more.

I completely support the information and techniques he teaches in his program.

Act fast now. Serve the sex.

You don’t want to leave your woman hanging, waiting for you to get hard while she’s all spread out on the sheets for you.

She’s waiting. She’s beckoning you to come.

Most men get stuck in these situations with their man-cannons in hand, furiously trying to get hard.

That’s not the way. This turns off your woman instantly.

Instead of getting the “stink-eye” from your woman, have her licking her luscious lips.

Know exactly what to do during off days.

Serve The Sex.

Act fast before the hot opportunity goes limping away.

If you decide to Serve The Sex starting tonight and become a better lover by getting Unstoppable Hardness, Lloyd will also be handing you these fast-action bonuses:

  • Recover and re-pound: How to recover your erection after ejaculation
  • Sexual Explosion: How to shoot bigger loads and increase ejaculation pleasure
  • Bigger And Better: tips and techniques to boost your sexual size
  • Audio Editions of the Core Program and Bonuses

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