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How Women Should Kiss Men

How Women Should Kiss Men


The topic of how to kiss guys is TRENDING!

I received lots of messages from readers about how they should kiss a guy they like so that he’ll melt for her almost instantly.

I love that we’re finally talking about this.

The truth is that most men are LOUSY kissers! There, I said it.

Men do NOT know how to kiss passionately. In their heads, it’s just tongue, tongue, tongue, suck the tongue, tongue, and even more tongue.

OR… he barely even kisses you.

He’s giving you small hesitant pecks which give off how intimidated he is by the fact that he’s locking lips and about to swap some spit with you.

That’s why it’s time to grab the wheel on kissing and show a guy how a real kiss is done. A kiss that changes lives. A kiss that makes a man forget about any other woman on the planet.

A kiss that makes him fall head over heels, body and soul committed and dedicated to you and only you.

And Michael Fiore, international dating and relationship expert is revealing the perfect, most magical way a woman can kiss a man to make his heart explode with romantic feelings.


Another fascinating thing about kisses is that if you kiss a man passively (like how most women do by letting men do ALL the work,) you’re telling him you’re not interested, and that you’re not “swept” away by his masculine leadership.

You need to stroke his ego once in awhile. And when you do, you’ll reinforce his confidence and make him pursue you even more.

Your kiss needs to make him feel powerful, dominant and sexy. Your kiss needs to make him feel like he’s turning you on and that he’s exciting you with his kiss… when in fact, it’s the other way around.

And your kiss should capture his imagination and make him fantasize about all the things he’ll want to do with you (as his girlfriend or wife) and what he’ll do TO you (as his lover.)

You’ll also discover the 8 simple steps to a man-melting kiss…

How to use the “monogamy kiss” method (especially when you won’t be seeing each other for awhile) to get him to think about your lips… and only your lips while he’s away…

How to create movie-star kiss moments anytime, anywhere…

The “married people kiss” that kills relationships and how to never get caught in that trap…

How to have “magnetic lips” and the most kissable, attractive, sexy lips a man can ever dream and fantasize about…

And much more.

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 How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall For you

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