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How To Go Down On Her

How To Go Down On Her

The #1 way women achieve climax is from cunnilingus —receiving oral pleasure.

Going down on a woman is also one of the best ways to engorge her: which means to give her the clitoral erection she needs to have the most sensations for orgasm.

There are many ways to stimulate a woman’s clitoral structure… ways you cannot imagine… ways you need to learn so you can really have a woman lying there moaning and writhing and coming for you before you enter her.


If she’s not begging you to eat her out, you don’t yet have mastery. Any woman who can’t come from oral sex has simply not been given good oral pleasuring. It’s that simple. We are born to orally pleasure each other. It’s an aspect of sex I don’t want you to miss.

In her fantasy brain, most women want their lover to have the skills to be able to  go down on them.

Still, many women are shy about their wet,  warm mound. A lot of women are sensitive to having a face shoved up in their juicy flesh.

They’re worried you might find something “weird.” Women are sensitive like that. So you’ve got to let her know that she’s beautiful down there, as much as she is beautiful all over.

Another reason she might shy away is, she doesn’t know how to “react” to you probing around and tasting her juices. Should she scream? Should she moan? Oh, Sweetie, she might even make sounds she’s never made before if you read up on the best techniques and actually know what you’re doing down there.

And she gets performance anxiety. She’s worried she will struggle to come.

She will if you are just flailing around down there and don’t have a series and variety of techniques and the skills to use them.

All of this scares her.

Make her feel safe, and loved, before you ravage her with your manly mouth. Let her surrender gracefully into her pleasure.

And another BIG reason why she might be hesitant about letting you eat up her juicy peach, is that she’s just worried you might ravage her too much down there.

Please shave as close as possible, brush and floss your teeth, put some coconut oil on your face to soften your skin and then wipe it off with a towel. Also trim your fingernails and wash your hands to a surgical level of cleanliness so you can add in your fingers with your tongue and mouth once you get her warmed up.

You see, her velvety smoothness will be able to take a pounding from your high-velocity thrusts if you first get her clitoral structure fully engorged and plumped up with a good oral pleasuring session.

Because to her, her clitoris, her vulva, her vaginal canal… these are her most sensitive spots… her most delicate tissue.

It’s where she takes you in. And it’s where babies come out. So she’ll be damned protective of it.

However, if you’re an absolute master at pleasuring her with your lips, mouth, and tongue, she will LOVE every second of you being down there…

She will even CRAVE for more “eating time.” And I know you’ll like that!

So here’s a little tip for you…

Don’t make her regret spreading her legs wide open and getting all wet for you.

Make her want it.

More of it.

I know you want more. So get good at it.

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  1. So I really want to please my woman by going down on her… do you have any suggestions? Thank you

  2. Wooow brilliant teaching, l like that awesome

  3. thanxs for ur advice, ever since
    l signed in on ur programme, my sex life
    is graduall improving
    my wife is feeling more into me!

  4. I’m impressed by some finer points and tips and is planning to utilise in my next encounter. Sincere gratitude!

  5. my problem is how to get hard

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