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7-Question Feedback Survey

7-Question Feedback Survey

Quick 7-question survey.

Make your opinion known!

I need some fast, honest feedback.

There’s something important I need from you… ← Take A FAST Survey, Please?


I’m always looking for opportunities to you improve your sex life and relationships.

So I put together a quick, 7-question survey to ask you about your experience during the entire Steamy Sex Ed®  Valentine SALE, and how I could improve the way we do it.

Here’s the link to the short survey.

It will only take a minute or two of your time. And it would mean the entire world for me to get some feedback from you.

Help me help you, as well as future Personal Life Media readers by giving me some honest, no-holds barred feedback by taking this survey.

Again, here’s the link to the quick, survey. Thanks in advance!





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  1. You are very pretty, i need tto make love, kisses, but, i am alone, without pleasure, in my mind i have a lot of womans friens, without make love, i need woman, but in same time i want to be free , thisba question , i have no orgasms.

  2. I WILL LOOK AT THE SURVEY Susan! Your information is A1 for my Counselling Practice data base and offers numerous solutions for couples, and individuals, experiencing sexual difficulties.

  3. CommentI personally think the programs here are great but I am male and that’s what they are marketed for to sell to males. While I love all this and think Susan is great, kind and well meaning, and is always there to help, I think there is a big gap between “fantasy’ world and real world. I would like more advice on real world. I honestly do no think most “real world’ women want need or think about sex and in fact will do almost anything to avoid it 90% of the time. It is not what holds the relationship together as it is often for men. I would like real world advice on how to keep your dick in your pants your hands in your pockets and your mind out of the gutter, and be happy and content in a relationship with your wife focusing on everything she really needs and being happy without sex and doing just that. Chastity without all the kinky stuff is what most real women would prefer I honestly believe I really don’t see many ‘real’ women looking or doing what is offered here. It would be heaven if they did but this is the real world, so I would like some real world resources.

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