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An Easier, Natural Way To Combat E.D.

An Easier, Natural Way To Combat E.D.


Most men struggle with erection issues at least once in their life.

It’s become the “new normal.” Bummer.

Dick issues even affect guys who are physically healthy, active, and engaged.

That’s because we’re living in an age where the food that we eat, even the water we drink has some form of toxins and impurities in them.

Add to that the chemical load of today’s modern world… from cleaning solvents to pumping gasoline. You breath it in and the toxins get stuck in your adipose tissue (fat) where your liver can get it out without a lot of active detoxification.

Your system starts to droop at a cellular level and then Mr. Happy starts to droop too.

To add insult to injury, we sit on our butts in commuter lanes and computer screens.

For people like my French Canadian friend and YouTube sensation Olivier Langlois, ED hit his life like a truck.

Or if I were to quote him, like he was “bitten by a poisonous snake” that crippled his manhood with paralysis.

After years of struggling with ED, he discovered that it wasn’t just about circulation problems, stress, or his muscles not producing enough Nitric Oxide.

Something was causing his body to go through fibrosis, which is the process of thickening and scarring of his connective tissues.

And because of this inflammation happening inside his body, his sexual health and erection started wavering.

His first solution was to take Viagra, as it was what his doctor prescribed.

Little did he know, it was a BIG mistake.

It almost destroyed his sex life, his relationship with his girlfriend, and his health. Causing him to black out and get wheeled into the emergency room.

He had to stop taking the drug and look for other, healthier, more natural options.

It was a long and winding road for his penis’ recovery and revival, but today he’s sharing what he’s discovered to be a revolutionary new way to combat E.D. and destroy it once and for all.

No pills, no pumps, no potions. Just good ol’ fruits and vegetables.

But not just ANY fruit and vegetable.

He goes into more detail about his “erection-saving” juice on his website.

Juicing is a great alternative to what else is on the market today. It’s the most natural, and probably the easiest to do on your own, since you can get the ingredients at your local grocery store.

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If you know you have Fibrin issues, email me. I have more info about that.

Here are some more pics of Tim and I at Margaret River, Australia. There was a giant brown snake in the rocks there. He was magnificent.


Carpet Python


Natural Spa


Sir Tim at the Indian Ocean

Olivier has a really cool bonus with his juice recipes called, Mangasm. It’s a way to become multi-orgasmic —similar to but not exactly what Jim Benson teaches.

“Great to see you guys got to enjoy one of western Australia’s most popular spots for living and surfing. Love all your information you provide, it’s helped immensely.” – Cheers! Rick




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  1. Hello Susan. I have a question. How in the world can I get my wife to relax and talk about sex? She just likes for it happen, No talk like what I would like to do, or what she likes.She doesn’t even like an extremely small mention of the conversation with sex of any kind. I like talking about it. Builds my libido big time!! Also, the steamy sex videos would never happen in my house. I would absolutely love that!! Can you help please??? Thanks, RT

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