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How To Make Her Want To Bang You

How To Make Her Want To Bang You

Ever wondered how “smooth talkers” and the naturally confident guys easily walk up to a woman and turn regular talk into “flirty and sexy talk” so well?

You could swear they have some kind of hypnotic power that just puts women in a trance as if they had no control.

The truth is, they’re not REALLY naturally gifted with confidence or communication skills.

And there’s no crazy hypnosis tricks involved.

It just seems that way because what they do is so subtle and effective.

What happens is these guys simply learned how to flip the “R-Rated Switch” into a conversation.

The “R-Rated Switch” is a subtle way to turn practically any conversation with any woman into a subliminal trigger making them more open and impressionable to sexual influence.


The “Rated R Switch” is about changing your vocabulary to include certain words that sneak through a woman’s defensive filters.

These words are so “normal” at first glance, but are actually “loaded” with emotionally and sexually charged energy.

It’s like you’re smuggling sexy intentions across her security wall.

The word “hot” is an example.

You can use it in regular conversations. You can also flip the “Rated R Switch” when you say…

“You look so HOT and bothered about that movie we just watched.”

That’s just ONE word. There are a lot more you can use. And a marathon of ways you can use them in daily talk.

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