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The Myth Of The “Natural” Seducer

The Myth Of The “Natural” Seducer


You’ve probably heard of the term, “Naturals.”

Naturals are men who are so naturally good with women that it seems like they’ve been born with a gift from the heavens.

However, one of the most notorious dating coaches still flexing today, a good friend of mine, Richard LaRuina, says that “Naturals” aren’t really a thing.

And that everything they do is a result of knowing key things to help improve your dating game. Things any man can learn and master. Things YOU can start doing right now.

You see, Richard’s one of the handful of guys people call a “Natural.”

But Richard doesn’t think there’s anything special to him. He just discovered what works and does it time and time again.

He has written a book all about it.

Now, he wants you to get his bestselling book, “The Natural” for FREE. No strings attached. This is an actual printed book mailed to you. You just have to help out with the shipping.

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The book is his manifesto on how anyone can become a “Natural” with the right knowledge.

It’s a compilation of everything he knows about dating, day game, night game, how to get numbers, how to have better conversations, and more.

It has over 180 pages of his best stuff. Techniques you can use immediately to revolutionize the way you meet and date the women you like.

If you’re serious about getting good at meeting and dating lots of beautiful women, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on his book. And you know it’s a numbers game.

Women say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet a handsome prince. She’s out there wanting you to be her prince.

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