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Music That Induces Orgasm

Music That Induces Orgasm

One thing I appreciate about men is that for the most part, they are VORACIOUS lovers.

It feels so good to them to be inside their woman. It’s in man’s nature to seek out sex and sow their seeds.

Except for some men, who need a little inducement like these aural pheromones… Basically, sound that makes you horny.

According to a hormone scholar, Testosterone drives men to want frequency of sex, where Estrogen requires women to be satisfied. The classic quantity versus quality story. (Not saying guys don’t like quality… just illustrating the polarity of men versus women based on their dominant sex hormones.)

Frequent lovemaking is also on the agenda for many women. However, we’re more into “LOVE first before LOVEMAKING.” What satisfies us is a combination of orgasmic pleasure combined with emotional connection. We love to be romanced.

Which is why so many of my fans and followers have had highly erotic sensual experiences ranging from first dates to booty calls to re-sparking the passion of a long-term relationship using my girlfriend’s sex music.


This is music for better sex. And it works. I LOVE this music. Women really dig it. It’s super romantic. But even better, it’s infused with Auditory Pheromones®. This is a effective and reliable technology so good she’s registered the process.


My friend Ellen Eatough has produced a unique kind of music that contains Auditory Pheromones®. You will notice an improvement in your sex life just by listening to it or by letting it play in your home or bedroom to inspire intimacy.

Partners who listen while making love have experienced more orgasms, longer erections, extended stamina and more passionate lovemaking overall. Couples who’ve been together for years have seen their libidos revived.

Here’s a video of me talking about Ellen’s Auditory Pheromone tracks.

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I personally stand behind this sex music and all of Ellen’s sexual techniques. It’s incredible how technology has progressed to the point of something like Love Unbound. Who would have thought we would someday have push-button turn-on music that works for anyone regardless of their musical tastes?

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