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Rejection-proof Attraction Techniques

Rejection-proof Attraction Techniques

If you hate the thought of being rejected by gorgeous women, this is for you…

I get why a lot of guys don’t do well approaching women.

The thought of walking up to an attractive stranger or letting someone know that you like them is nerve-wracking!

Not to mention getting rejected! That’s why even if you’re well prepared with a game plan, the sheer unpredictability of a woman’s mind is enough to give guys a hard time keeping their composure.

That’s why the best approach methods center on NOT approaching at all… and forcing the woman to approach you instead.


Kinetic Attraction is all about how you can become more confident in yourself.

Kinetic means movement. Attraction means she will magnetically come to you. So you don’t have to risk rejection.

Which means you’re also outplaying other guys. You will know how to “read” a woman’s body language. It teaches you how to be so attractive to any woman that you’ll smash any friend zone they try to put you in.

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 ⇐ Make Her Come To You Instead

Having this kind of ability “installed” in your brain and body makes it automatic.

So you won’t even have to think about what to do; you just automatically do it.

And women will start coming to you because you’re so natural at attracting their lusty desires.

I tell you, these are LEARNED SKILLS.

Sure there are guys who are super handsome or natural at talking to women. But it that’s not you: IF you have approach anxiety. If women ignore you. If women put you in the friend zone then check this out.

For guys who’ve had enough of doing the “walk of shame” when they get rejected, this one’s going to be a lifesaver.

Tallulah Sulis

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  1. I am repeatedly being placed in The Friend Zone by potential partners. John

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