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Triangular Breathing For Stamina

Triangular Breathing For Stamina


I just got a little wet remembering!

He had this subtle way he breathed that seemed to give him MONSTROUS amounts of endurance…

Lasting long enough when a guy is inside our “velvety love glove” is what makes so many guys cum too fast during sex.

They distract themselves so they won’t come too soon.

They got lost in their heads and forget they were having sex with their lover!

You can imagine it: Clenching his whole body, eyes shut, with a funny expression on his face while you’re locked together.

That’s why I’m so glad to tell you about this breathing technique that slows down a man’s arousal meter.


I’ve slept with a a few rare men who didn’t look like studs, but had INSANE amounts of “Ejaculatory Control.”

One guy, his name was Landon, was a tech guy —very smart, introverted, a gentle guy.

He wasn’t a nerd by any stretch, because he had overflowing confidence in himself.

And for good reason.

He was a full-out MONSTER in bed. (I just got a little wet remembering!)

The moment he whipped out his man-pole, I knew I was in for a wild ride that night.

His secret?

He had an unusual breathing technique that gave him full control of when he came.

So he could focus on having sex with me all night, until I finally begged him to let go inside me.

That’s why I’m glad my buddy, Lloyd Lester has a way you can learn this technique for yourself… and your woman.

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Use this tonight and start adding hours to your sexy time.

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  1. This is very tantalizing! You are real in d profession with a great ability to help many that are already weak,not knowing exactly where to begin,nd shys away from reality. More grease to your ego!

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