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Best Hug In The World Technique

Best Hug In The World Technique

Your world turns into an aurora borealis of colors and emotions when you’re together. You’ve never hugged each other like this before, and for the first time ever, you feel like everything is going to be alright. The world can go insane, and the two of you will still be enveloped in this aura of warmth.

Have you heard of my “Best Hug In The World” technique? This is a super special SECRET of mine that will take you to new levels of relaxation and connection.  Read on.

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Even though hugging sounds like an every-day thing to do, all of us could use a lot more hugging.

Hugs have been known to be effective at healing sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and stress.

When lovers hug each other, they subconsciously create a safe and trusted space for each other. This is our space, Honey. Just us. Nobody and nothing else comes in between.

PLUS, holding hugs for an extended period of time lifts your serotonin levels and improves mood and happiness.

Here’s my “Best Hug In The World” technique to spark intimacy and passion in your relationship and life.


The primary cause of stress, in a physical sense, is tired nerves.

The best way to rejuvenate your love’s tired nerves is to simply hold them in your arms.

And if you are the woman, allow yourself to be held. Because in the exchange of holding and being held both the masculine and feminine receive what they require. And that creates polarity — the magnetic attraction of opposites.

The magic that makes The Best Hug in the World so effective is your intent. What you are aiming for the guy to slow down enough to allow the woman to fully surrender into their masculine nature.

(If you’re someplace on the gender spectrum that is non-binary, just decide who is the holder and who is being held. Take turns.)

That masculine-feminine dynamic of protector and protected is a fundamental turn-on most humans subconsciously crave. It’s that manly strength and power that makes a woman feel safe enough to relax. Most women need to calm down physically and open-up emotionally before they can surrender passionately, and that is the secret that makes this technique so powerful.

So here’s what I want you to do before you even think about being more intimate, especially when either of you are stressed or resistant to opening to more connection…

If you are the one being held, let your partner hug you like this:


Let’s assume for convenience sake you’re a man and a woman… And I’ll give you the man’s side first.

Invite her to lie on your bed with you. Say something like, “Sweetheart, I can see you’re tense, let’s take a break and lie down for a few minutes before we get started on dinner.”

If it feels right you might even say, “I’m not taking no for an answer.” This is your first subtle-yet-safe application of masculine power.

Once you and your ladylove are horizontal, allow her to nestle comfortably in your arms.

Take time to adjust pillows to give your bodies support so you can both completely relax.

Pull her close and really hold her. Let her head rest on your chest or shoulder, or on a pillow on your chest or shoulder. Then wrap your arms around her. Hold her securely.Don’t say anything until you are completely relaxed with each other.

Think about how much you adore this woman. Just breathe together in your embrace.

Notice how your heartbeats slow down. As you inhale and exhale together, your bodies will begin to co-regulate. You’ll have a calming effect on each other as your nervous systems start to decelerate, allowing tension to release. This is what rejuvenates tired nerves.

Be sure you sustain the embrace as she relaxes!

What most men do is let go the minute she relaxes. Instead of releasing her as she gradually relaxes, pull her a little closer. A nice palm at the base of her spine, on her sacrum, is very reassuring.

Be careful you don’t let your arms become stiff. Leave room to move and adjust.

This is a cherished time for nurturing and generating a feeling of safety. Think of it as a sanctuary of sorts where both of you can enjoy a healing experience that lasts however long it takes for you both to feel refreshed.

Encourage her to accept your holding for as long as it takes for her to find complete relaxation. Just settle in. She will let you know when she’s complete.

If you’re the feminine, help your lover hold you just right. And then take this beautiful moment to truly relax. That is the gift you give… the gift of your surrender.

If you cultivate this technique and do it on a fairly regular basis, you and your soulmate will be able to achieve deeper and deeper levels of relaxation.

I’ve had hundreds of readers write to me saying they felt the most loving and calm they’ve ever felt with their partner while doing the Best Hug in the World technique.

As the woman, describe to your man how this Best Hug in the World Technique works. Then have him hold you. Give him feedback so he knows he’s doing it “right” for you.

Men adore feedback. Truly.

And men really love holding as much as women crave being held.

This is one of so many learnable techniques that are superior to ANYTHING you see on TV.


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