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Hidden Info About Your License Plate Number

Hidden Info About Your License Plate Number

Did you know your car’s license plate, your date of birth, your street address, and even your phone number has a secret meaning for you?

The first time I heard about numerology, I was amused.

Not because it was humorous, but because it was weirdly accurate. It piqued my mind.

The same way my car’s license plate revealed things about who I am, what I did for a living, and how I used my car today.


A friend over at the Numerologist site told me about how his license plate number predicted what the vehicle’s purpose was going to be.

I told him, “You’re probably just imagining things.”

He went on to write down his license plate number, added up the letters and numbers until he arrived at a single digit, and ended up with a 6.

According to his list, a “6” vehicle is the best vehicle for a “family car.” And that this car would be all about outings and travels, as well as interactions with the community.

Seating would be comfortable and spacious, and that the vehicle would be involved with a lot of charity work.

And another thing, it said the driver would most likely be in a teaching or nurturing profession.

My jaw dropped. It was all strangely accurate about him and his car.

Next, he offered to do mine.

Aren’t you interested in what the numbers in your life mean for you?

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