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How To Last When She Rides You

How To Last When She Rides You


I’m so hot and wet for you, baby. Love me all night long.

Gabrielle Moore and her girls are at it again.

And this time they’re stripping to the tune of “Last So Much Longer In Bed You’ll Make Your Lover Come Three Times Or More Before You Explode…”

Do you have a sexual fantasy you’re just dying to experience with your woman… but you come too soon?

Or maybe you’re still single and sexually available to ANY woman, but just want to last longer when your next sexual encounter happens.

The more excited you are during sex, the more quickly you will ejaculate. And when a hot woman is riding you, you’re all the more at risk for premature blasting.


Now, the GOOD news is… my clothes-hating girlfriend Gabrielle Moore and her sexy stripping ladies are ready to give you a blasting good time…

By showing you how to last longer in bed so you can make your woman come multiples before you shower her with your love.

They’ll show you hot techniques, crazy sexy sex positions, and of course…

Their steamy naked bodies all for your viewing (and studying) pleasure.

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