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How To Tighten Your Vaginal Canal

How To Tighten Your Vaginal Canal

“I put this jade egg in and it increases my vaginal wetness tenfold.”

Have you heard of a NEW, jade egg protocol just for women. You can use it while you sleep!

Using a jade egg, also called a Yoni stone, inside your vagina (even during rest) increases vaginal tone and enhances lubrication.

Considered to be “a woman’s best friend,” this tiny tool of transformation is more than just a pelvic exerciser. I use it to manipulate my husband’s penis when we are making love. It drives him CRAZY! 🙂


If you’re wondering why you have to “exercise” your vaginal canal, here are the deets.

Doing this helps workout your PC muscles, strengthens and revitalizes the deep levels of your pelvic floor, and reconnects you with your intimate self.

This egg is great for women who experience most form of sexual dysfunction.

Issues like a lack of sexual desire and libido, problems getting excited and turned on, and having difficulty achieving orgasm.

When you do this, you’re awakening subtle sensations you’ve never felt before.

Sex will feel much better.

YOU will feel much better.

The Jade Egg EXPANDS your sensual potential.

Read more about it from the expert of illustrious jade eggs on her website below.

Then if you’re feeling adventurous, you might like to try it out.

I highly suggest you do!

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Saida actually owns a giant piece of Jade from a Canadian mineral mine. Jade is very tough, so if you accidentally drop the egg (and you will!) it won’t crack or break, whereas most other crystals can easily crack or shatter. The other great part of real Jade is that it warms quickly to your body temperature so it’s super comfortable.

If you want the BEST jade egg, then check out Saida’s exercises and egg. She’s the egg queen for sure.


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  1. How can I get a jade egg and how much is it ?

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