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Here are the nuts and bolts about the cosmic ballet called Astrology…

Whenever stars, moons, planets, and other astral bodies align and position themselves a certain way, these events are called transit periods.

Transit periods are special. Astrologists believe that these repositionings affect the energy around us.

Giving us more energy, focus, or happiness.

Or it could bring mood swings or unwanted tension.

Those who are prepared can make rapid and extraordinary leaps in their lives.


For example…

When an event could trigger more energy and motivation, it would be a perfect time to focus on a big project you’ve been planning to do for a while.

Or when an event triggers unbalanced energy that manifests in mood swings, bouts of depression, or lack of focus, you may want to take it easy during that time.

And on some major events when the stars emit powerful energy that can give you enough momentum to have breakthroughs, you’ll want to be fully prepared for it.

There are over 57 astrological events this 2018.

One of them was the Super Blue Blood Moon that happened in January.

Astrologists say that it’s creates a “super punch of drama and emotion.”

Full moons like these are typically known to give people the urge to let go of old emotions and start fresh.

People would do well to commit to the things they love during this time.

Other activities may just fail or fall through the cracks.

The Super Blue Blood moon has already passed, but it’s only the beginning of 2018.

There are more transit periods to come.

And if you want to take advantage of these special cosmic events…

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