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How To Increase Semen Amount Naturally To Insane Levels

How To Increase Semen Amount Naturally To Insane Levels

“I mean like STUPID levels, from tablespoons to cups?”

Want the juice that gives you “the juice?” And I mean lots of it?

Brent (not his real name) wrote in asking if I had any suggestions on natural ways you could have more load in your mancannon.

Here’s what he said…

Hey all.  

My lover wants me to come hard each time we have sex. And she wants a lot of it. So I try to withhold from ejaculating so I can build up my semen volume for when we do have sex (which usually happens every 4 days or so).

I’m looking for ways to increase my volume so that I can give it to her.

Are there any safe, natural means to increase ejaculate amount you guys have come across? I mean like STUPID levels, from tablespoons to cups? I ask this because if I can offer that to her, she’ll be a bit more excited.

So….any ideas?

Looks like somebody likes to be drenched.

And if you’re looking to “build up” your volume without having to abstain from getting off for a few days, you can try out these natural food supplements below.

I personally recommend these because many of my readers have found tremendous benefits from adding any of these to their diet. One of those benefits is an increase in their load volume.

Huge Load Super Pack

These four recipe formulas have some of the ingredients of Rock Hard Formula, as well as some other all-natural components that increase semen volume specifically. If you just want the ingredient lists, and you want to buy all the ingredients separately and mix it yourself, this is your best option.

Paint Her Face

This recipe formula book has also had rave reviews and positive feedback from my readers.  These are juicing recipes. If you are willing to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and make your own formulas, Paint Her Face is your choice.

Both of these use only high-quality, tested, proven, safe, and all-natural ingredients. Here are the corresponding links:

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