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Notorious Pick Up Artist Technique

Notorious Pick Up Artist Technique

In a time when MANY pick-up artists and seduction experts are in hiding, leaving “the game” and switching careers to avoid the heat…

My good friend, Richard LaRuina, continues to stay front and center.

Richard was just berated in the news for releasing seduction material so powerful and so on-point that the #MeToo obsessed mainstream media wanted to ban him instantly.

I call bullsh1t on people who instantly assume just because you teach approach and attraction techniques that it’s somehow bad. I want to empower guys with all the seduction tools possible as long as they are integrity.

And because I know Richard personally (and can vouch for the fact that his seduction strategies work) he’s letting me hook you up with his book called, The Natural for free.


In fact, Richard’s getting so much heat right now, his notoriety as a seduction experts is skyrocketing.

And for good reason.

His book has sold over 120,000 copies worldwide. His video is currently the most talked-about game right now. And his programs are also top notch.

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The weird thing is, people LOVE to HATE him. Why? Because his advice works.

His stuff is so good, people feel morally obligated to stop it from reaching more and more men like you.

What’s even crazier is that even though they’re hatin’, they’re reading his books, playing his video game, and taking his courses secretly.

I have been reading this in the bathroom. Haha. You can see the toilet paper bookmark. Here it is on my bookshelf!

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