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How To Get Hard And Go All Night Long

How To Get Hard And Go All Night Long

For those who want to be HARD as a rock… AND have the boundless SEXUAL ENERGY to back it up.

You get to try an entire bag of a BRAND NEW stamina supplement from the same company that brought you our all-time favorite Rock Hard Formula with your three-month supply.

This is the perfect one-two-three punch for your sexual performance.

Here’s what’s so great about “Go All Night Formula?”

  • Get Harder
  • Go Longer
  • Increase Semen Volume


While Rock Hard Formula is for hard, reliable erections, better staying power, and increased testosterone.

Go All Night Formula is for:

  • Increased Sexual Energy (have sex for much longer periods of time more often)
  • Decreased Refractory Periods (this allows you to “get it back up” much sooner, even after you’ve already blown your load.)
  • Bigger Loads (what better way to have amazing climaxes than to have more juice to blow inside or all over your lover.)

If you’re the type of man who not only wants to have rock hard erections, but also be able to pleasure his lover for hours and hours…

Or until she just collapses from orgasmic exhaustion…

And have her wake up to BEG you for more…

Rock Hard Formula and Go All Night Formula one-two punch is perfect for you.

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I asked the creator of Rock Hard about his claim that his product was 50X more powerful and here’s what he said:

“Because you get a whopping 2 teaspoons of the ready-mixed powder per serving. And, the SuperHerbs you get are 10:1 Extract. Meaning 2 teaspoons of Rock Hard gives you the equivalent of 20 teaspoons of Raw (Unextracted) SuperHerbs.


The typical supplement you find on the market might contain 500-1,000mg of the unextracted SuperHerb, per serving. With Rock Hard – it’s 5,000mg of Extracted SuperHerbs…


Which is the equivalent of 50,000mg of UNEXTRACTED SuperHerbs.


In other words – one serving of Rock Hard Formula contains 50-100X the Active Ingredient of a standard Herbal Supplement. Explaining why you get BIG RESULTS when you consume Rock Hard.”

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  1. Do you have vedios showing the arts of loving making? The gentle and softcore ones, not the brutal ones.

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