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Magic Tricks To Impress Women

Magic Tricks To Impress Women

FINALLY! Governments across the globe have given the green light for dating and hooking up… but with safety guidelines, of course. While this article is neither about those guidelines nor about magic tricks to impress women, we will talk about how you can get laid again.

One night my girlfriend went out for drinks, and a guy tried to hit on her.

But he froze midway through his pickup line.

And when she went to the beach with her sisters, a few good-looking guys came up to them…

But the most confident one of the group couldn’t even hold a straight conversation.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how HARD it must be for guys to talk to a girl they like.

Whether it’s with a cute girl at work or a hottie that you pass by on the street.

Men struggle when it comes to the approach and then actually TALKING TO a woman.

It’s no secret that women are masters at holding casual and intimate conversations.

And this throws some guys off.

So instead of racking your brain thinking of a clever topic to talk about, or worse, resorting to lame canned phrases women absolutely hate…

Use this incredibly genius conversation starter.

magic tricks to impress women


One ingenious and downright easy way to start and hold an intimate conversation with a woman is to use a guided experience in the form of quizzes, questionnaires, and Q&A cards.

That’s why the guy who made the video, after rigorous testing and analysis… and working with thousands of groups of men and women…

Discovered a series of questions that men could ask women (and vice versa) that had a huge effect on whether she’d bond with a guy… and see him as a potential sexual partner.

It turned out that there were 52 of these questions… so he figured he would turn them into something fun… like a “game” that people could play pretty much anywhere.

After all, these were “innocent” questions… no woman would ever know that they’ve been proven to subconsciously boost her desire for you…

The result was this relatively small package you could take to a bar and get women interested in what you are doing.

Basically, you start out pulling cards from different “suits.” Each card has a different question that people practically could not resist answering.

Not only that, but each of the “suits” is designed to bring you closer and closer to whatever woman you have your eye on, so that by the end of the night…

She will feel like she has known you forever, has a deep, powerful connection with you, and doesn’t even know why!

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The Deck of Destiny is a done-for-you intimate conversation walkthrough.

It’s a complete guided experience to help guys make talking to women as easy as reading a script.

Not simply a bunch of magic tricks to impress women.

Basically it’s a set of smart and interesting questions you ask a woman that gets them comfortable enough to open up and develop romantic feelings for you.

It works so well because the makers have carefully designed them to seem like a personality quiz printed out on a bunch of cool-looking tarot cards.

So it’s sleek. It’s modern. It’s not geeky and weird in any way.

Whip this out in front of any girl and you’re bound to catch her attention.

In a good way.

The cards do all the talking.

Just read the questions, sit back and listen as women pour their hearts out to you.

It wasn’t easy to do, but I got you a special offer link so you can get the Deck of Destiny for FREE!

That’s right.

You can get the entire deck with all the questions free of charge. Just pay for shipping and the Deck of Destiny will be in your hands in no time.

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