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Yoni Eggs on Conan O’Brien!

Yoni Eggs on Conan O’Brien!

A few years ago, Actress Regina Hall brought jade eggs to the mainstream on late-night TV.

After her episode on Kegel exercises, she took her set of jade eggs onto Conan’s show.

I adore women getting on TV and taking women’s sexuality into the spotlight.

62% of women have weak pelvic muscles, which means they avoid sex or at the least have diminished orgasmic capacity.

Pop a jade egg in your vagina, and it tones your pelvis for you.

Here’s The Only Jade Egg I Recommend 

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Bless Regina for her tight vagina. (Couldn’t resist!)

how to use jade yoni eggs


Our recommended Jade Egg comes with the practices that make milking a man’s penis the most exquisite experience he’ll ever have.

And you get more intense and pleasurable orgasms.

It helps work your PC muscles, strengthens and revitalizes deep levels of your pelvic floor, and reconnects you with your intimate self.

This egg is excellent for women who experience any form of sexual dysfunction.

Issues like a lack of sexual desire and libido, problems getting excited and turned on, and having difficulty achieving orgasm.

When you do this, you awaken yourself to subtle sensations you’ve never felt before.

Sex will feel much better.

YOU will feel much better.

The Jade Egg EXPANDS your sensual potential.

Hear more about it from the expert of illustrious jade eggs on her website below.

Then if you’re feeling adventurous, you might like to try it out.

I highly suggest you do!

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For The Win!

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  1. I am so happy to see this on your page! I am certified to lead and teach Jade Egg exercises. It is an ancient Taoist practice that helped me heal so much sexual trauma. FINALLY, good to see it here. I also have a video course women can by at Wildly Woman

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