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How To Deepen Your Sexual Connection With Your Partner

How To Deepen Your Sexual Connection With Your Partner

Steamy, hot sex is awesome! I can’t get enough of it!

People call me the trusted hot sex advisor to millions for a reason. I work on sexual connection between partners.

However, just because I love, talk about, and teach all things sex doesn’t mean I’m teaching porn. In fact, I detest it.

Elise (not her real name,) one of my readers asked me a few days ago…

“Hi Susan, Can you recommend some porn for couples?”

An innocent question, and I admire that this couple seeks to have better, hotter sexual experiences.

However, porn isn’t something I’d advise you emulate.

Here’s what I wholeheartedly suggest instead… (scroll down for my response below)

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Hi Elise,

There is no porn I could in good faith recommend to you. So I’m not the right person to ask.

Porn is a billion dollar a year business created mostly for men to masturbate to.

Porn creates dopamine addictions that ruin men’s ability to get excited for their “everyday” woman. Many men lose their ability to orgasm from porn. And Time Magazine quoted a study of porn that found 96% of it is degrading to women.

I think it’s much more fun to learn heart-connected techniques from my Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection. I made this 8 video series for couples to watch together and for singles to be prepared when they find, “the one.”

When a couple takes an active role in “being beginners together” by watching and trying the 200+ advanced lovemaking techniques in my video series, you begin to increase your own sexual skills and pleasuring abilities. When you know this many truly loving skills, your sex life will become very passionate and satisfying.

In these sexy sex ed videos, you’ll discover sensual and erotic massage and oral pleasuring techniques that naturally get your body turned on — without needing porn to arouse you.

Porn is not “real sex.”

It is meant to titillate you. It’s the “junk food” of sex. If you want the organic vegetables and healthy fats of sex that your body craves, try my Steamy videos instead.

Otherwise, you outsource your ability to get turned on and create passion according to someone else’s way of having sex, and you never find your own true sexual compass.

That being said, if you really want to watch porn, you can Google, “romantic porn for women” and see what you find that you might enjoy. Nonetheless, junk food never truly satisfies…

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Want more sex positions to add variety in the bedroom? How about some sensual massage strokes? Maybe you’d like to learn more oral lovemaking techniques as well.

Just leave it up to me.

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  1. Susan I love your take on steamy sex ,the porn thing
    Never did get me aroused Thank you love Johnnie

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