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How To Be Sexually Confident And Turn Him On

How To Be Sexually Confident And Turn Him On


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“I’m with a good boyfriend and we are talking about marriage, but he’s pretty experienced, and I feel I need to be a little more confident in the bedroom.”

A lot of my fans (both men and women) have emailed me about how to get better at making love. So many people want to be a better lover and really be able to please their partner, regardless of their age. I hear this from 20 year-olds and 77 year-olds.

They want a better, self-aware, more mature understanding of what turns men and women on, and how to take each other to a higher level of pleasure through slow, sensual, heart-connected sex.

I love it when people are proactive in their intimate life and seek ways to experience hotter, better, steamier lovemaking.

Scroll down to see what Jenna asked and my advice.

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“I’ve never had much interest in sexual intercourse until now (I love to kiss and make out and I do get aroused).  I’m with a good boyfriend and we are talking about marriage, but he’s pretty experienced, and I feel I need to be a little more confident in the bedroom.

Can you recommend some videos I can watch by myself that could give me some ideas about what turns men on?

My boyfriend and I are willing to communicate about what we like.

I’m willing to give blow jobs — it’s mostly my own ability to get aroused (and stay out of my fear-thoughts about not being good enough.)

I think we need to see normal, in-love couples having amazing sex.  We’ve looked at porn and we don’t like most of that.

I come from a very traditional, religious Chinese family — my parents had an arranged marriage.

— Jenna (not her real name)”


Hi Jenna,

I suggest you and your boyfriend watch our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection together.

That will get you both on equal footing, instead of you feeling like he’s ahead of you.

Learning new things together by watching sensual lovemaking techniques should get you feeling much more sexually confident.

As far as the lack of arousal, I’d suggest you ask your boyfriend to give you a loving vulva massage as much as possible.

The tissue simply needs to be enlivened. Steamy Sex Ed® has multiple volumes on genital massage techniques.

Steamy also has three videos on female self-pleasuring showing different women’s paths to giving themselves orgasms.

And it also has lots of intercourse techniques, as well as more fellatio techniques.

Let me know how you both do.  

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Susan Bratton is a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. She gives reality-based sex advice to help lovers co-create passionate lovemaking and intimate experiences that make them feel like Sexual Soulmates.

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