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How To Talk To Attractive Women

How To Talk To Attractive Women

Some men find women terrifying.

And sure, while these guys could just be shy or inexperienced…

It also has something to do with the ladies themselves.

A few years ago, approaching women and getting a girlfriend seemed a lot easier for guys.

Yes, even the shy guys still got some hot love.

Until women started becoming as independent, aggressive, and badass as we are now.

But this is actually a good thing… if you know how to spin this to your advantage.

I’ll explain why later.

First, here’s what Damien (not his real name) had to say about how he feels when he’s around hot women.

And why Stealth Attraction is his entry point into the world of dating.


“Hi Sloane,


Your articles are very good. I read most of them complete but I fight a problem of being terrified in silence to even speak to an attractive woman. Over and over I slip away to be alone to make sense of it. The really hot and attractive ones are the most intimidating.


Anyway thanks for the good information.”

— Damien


It’s not his fault.

Women evolved. Got stronger. More confident. And more aggressive in the dating scene.

We’re no longer content with sitting pretty with our girlfriends waiting for Prince Charming to come to sweep us off our feet.

We know if we like a guy, we can just get up and get him for ourselves.

And I understand why some men might feel intimidated.

But if you can use a woman’s confidence, independence, and awareness of her hotness to YOUR advantage…

You can actually get her to FALL head over heels for you…

And blow her away with something called Stealth Attraction.

It’s a rejection-proof, low-key method to slip past her “Rejection Security System” and plant seeds of attraction and arousal for you deep inside her subconscious mind.

If you’re shy, inexperienced, or terrified with speaking to hot women…

Or if you just want to know a powerful but stealth way to seduce women you like without making it blatantly obvious…

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