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Benefits of Fasting Mimicking Diet

Benefits of Fasting Mimicking Diet


This is a personal story… 

Tim and I have done several “fasting-mimicking diets” and lost amazing belly fat. We are taking advantage of this Black Friday sale because we are ready to do another one soon. The food lasts for a while, so you can buy now and do the fast when you’re ready.

ProLon (prolong your longevity) is 5-days of all the food you need to be shipped right to your house. 

You know that our ancestors had lean years and food shortages.

And they fasted for religious reasons — Yom Kippur, Ramadan, Lent.

Today we eat all day and into the night. Which doesn’t give our bodies time to reset and clean up at a cellular level.

Have you been hearing about all the people who are fasting? Water fasting. Intermittent fasting. The Fasting Mimicking Diet.

When you stop eating your cells can do what is called autophagy. (aw toff a gee)  It’s like spring cleaning for your cells. Cellular rejuvenation.


We are eating a premade box of food with specific portions, eaten at specific times so that our bodies can spring clean — but we aren’t starving or miserable.

Just the opposite!

I’ve loved the freedom from cooking. The ease of meal prep. The extra time in my schedule. The fun of trying all the foods in the box. The couple’s project of doing this together.

All while knowing I’m losing toxic abdominal fat (five pounds in four days right off my midriff — Tim too!), gaining mental clarity, resetting my insulin levels, experiencing autophagy — and with this long “fast” it activates my own stem cells to come out of my bone marrow and clean up wounded areas of my body.

The Mimicking part of the Fasting Mimicking Diet is that the food you get in the ProLon box sustains you while simulating a five-day fast.

You EAT and it’s like fasting.

This is so fricking cool!


Just today Tim said, “Maybe I don’t need to drink an energy drink every day. (pure evil chemicals) 

Maybe I can eat freeze-dried kale chips instead of Doritos.” (more processed junk)

(He hasn’t volunteered to give up his big, fat, juicy rib-eye steaks yet. Haha.)

But just four days of eating pre-made vegan food has made him realize he feels good and he needs to eat better.

Twice I’ve felt a little shaky when I didn’t eat according to their schedule.

Twice I’ve felt the tiniest bit deprived… but then I think about, “bye-bye belly fat” and I’m refocused on my goal.

You know what I miss the most?

My daily 3-mile walk (you’re supposed to take it easy) and my green vegetable juice.

The first thing I’m going to have is a giant green juice!

You can Google FMD and probably prepare your own version. I’m just gonna do the boxes.

It’s all based on Dr. Valter Longo’s Longevity Diet. He has a ton of patents on how the box of ProLon prepared foods does all the fat-burning, the autophagy, the stem cell release… While you still get to eat.

And the food tastes really good. It’s nutrient-dense. It’s satisfying. You get two soups a day. A nutbar or two. A special drink. Some olives. You can see all the stuff on the website.


I cut up the nut bar into little pieces so it’s easier to eat and feels like every mouthful is a treat. Plus you drink this drink during the day and it really staves off hunger. That’s a hibiscus tea bag flavoring it.

Some awesome soul on Amazon (named TheSecretWeapon) did a summary of The Longevity Diet on which ProLon is based:

  1. Eat vegan (with a little fish once in a while)

– low protein / high (complex) carb
– avoid all animal protein
– avoid saturated and trans fat
– eat what your ancestors ate

  1. Restrict your feeding window to 12 hours or less
  2. Periodically fast for 5 to 7 days; e.g. monthly
  3. Exercise 2.5 hours a week / walk daily
  4. Take a mineral & vitamin supplement once every 3 days

I’m moving toward less and less animal-based food. It’s good for me. It’s good for the planet. And it’s good for NOT GETTING CANCER.

I already minimize my sugar intake and I now only drink sporadically on weekends. Because I don’t want DIABETES or ALZHEIMER’S. 

Nor do I want Tim to get these illnesses. I can’t live without him!

I started walking 20 miles a week. 

And I’m going to do a ProLon for five days a month for the next three months.

My friend Dr. Felice Gersh, who ran Obstetrics for the University of California Irvine (a MAJOR hospital) has done ProLon 13 times. She says she’s ‘de-aging’ herself. And she’s amazing.

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When you do a long fast you get nearly a dozen key benefits.

With long fasts you:

*Lose Stubborn Abdominal Fat
*Activate Rejuvenation from Within
*Experience Mental Clarity
*Your Skin Looks and Feels Better and those are just the common benefits!

With all these great reasons to do a longer fast, can you guess what was holding me back?

I didn’t want to go without food!!

I didn’t want to be hungry… or hangry.

But then I discovered I could do a 5-day fast with really tasty food using a scientifically formulated and patented meal program called ProLon. With ProLon, I would be able to tap into all the benefits of a 5 day fast.

Here are my three favorite benefits that convinced me to start a ProLon 5-day fast, and why you should as well.

Benefit 1: Long Fasts Promote Cellular Rejuvenation

With ProLon you can unlock your body’s innate ability to regenerate from within!

Benefit 2: You Get Visible Weight Loss Results from Dangerous Abdominal Fat

When you do a long fast your body burns abdominal fat (also known as toxic fat). ProLon’s 5-day program helps you not only feel better, but you also look better and feel more confident in your appearance.

Benefit 3: It Combats Aging

I won’t say long fasts are a fountain of youth. What I will say is that ProLon produces a profound impact on the body and its ability to fight the signs of aging.

Interested In Getting These MASSIVE Health Benefits?

I feel like this is a breakthrough concept. 

If you are ready for a change, health benefits you love, and successfully completing your first long fast, try ProLon. There you can read the reviews, check out the science and tune in to an unboxing videos

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