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How To Have A Successful Relationship

How To Have A Successful Relationship


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“Many failed relationships are a result of ignorance and misinformation about how to keep the passion and physical intimacy alive.”

If you’re in a relationship, this is critical information for you.

However, even singles can use this knowledge to create a lifetime of heart-connected intimacy and passion with someone they care deeply about.

The quote above is from a very respectable judge who got a copy of my couples’ Video Collection, reviewed it from start to finish, and used the information found inside…

Honorable C.O. writes:


What you are doing (by offering Steamy Sed Ed videos) is highly appreciated.

At first, I tried to figure out the morality in what you are offering.

But I was reminded quickly that most failed marriages are a result of ignorance and misinformation.

The Steamy Sex Ed videos will help a lot.

Good contribution, I tell you.

Hon. C. O.”

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And Honorable C.O. is not the only respectable elder to write to me about my educational videos without me even asking:

“As a pastor and spiritual marriage counselor, I have been pleased to find the Steamy Sex Ed Video Series highly beneficial for a couple I have been working with recently. These videos present sexual learning in a slow, romantic, and loving way.

The couple in question used the videos to build the husband’s sexual skills and confidence after his wife experienced a more skilled lover during their separation and wanted to connect and feel this same sexual gratification with her husband.

As a complete package, these videos very likely will become a strong relationship foundation for this couple.

Thank you for offering such a well done series. Without any hint of female exploitation or pornography, I can highly recommend these videos to the couples I counsel in my church.”

— Hank Miller


When you watch Steamy Sex Ed® you will be AMAZED at how many techniques you can quickly learn to take your intimacy to a whole new level of heart-connection and pure desire for your partner.

And if you are solo, you can get ready for when you do find “the One.” Being prepared pays off!

Every time I watch I learn something new from the more than 200 techniques and concepts in the collection.

Imagine what you will discover!

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Married for 25 years 

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The Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection will be at 60% off on January 31st for 5 days only, or until we sell out. We only have 500 copies available!

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