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Red Light Therapy: Biggest Health Breakthrough of the Century

Red Light Therapy: Biggest Health Breakthrough of the Century

Are you sitting inside right now?

I am. And chances are, you are too.

We humans are getting less and less sun exposure —a thousand times less than our ancestors from a few hundred years ago.

And I’ve watched as my friend Dave Asprey used red light therapy as a way to:

✔︎ Fight Aging
✔︎ Lose Fat
✔︎ Tighten Skin Tone
✔︎ Speed Healing
✔︎ Combat Inflammation
✔︎ Optimize Brain Function and
✔︎ Increase energy levels with red light therapy.

I’ve been using a product called the Red Rush 360. You can get the Red Rush 360 at $25 Off. Use Promo Code STRONG.


Depending on whether you’re healing deep tissue or energizing your mitochondria, you’d sit closer than if you’re treating your skin for a more youthful look.

The manual that comes with the Red Rush 360 light gives you “treatment recipes.” And there is an app for Android and iOS that gives you recipes for things like:

✔︎ Super Model Skin
✔︎ Quick Energy Boost
✔︎ Peak Athletic Performance
✔︎ Workout Recovery

You get the app for free and it even has a timer.


I am already sold on Red and near-Infrared light therapy. I use a Capillus red light hat every other day for 30 minutes.

This Red Rush 360 is faster because the lights are stronger and their is a bigger array of them to penetrate your body.

When I lived in Pennsylvania and it was gray outside more than half the year, I would have LOVED having this light in my home.

And even though I live in sunny California, I still stay inside too much.

Having a Red Rush for healing, skin care, and cellular energy generation is one thing… but that this easy light also combats inflammation and optimizes brain function… THAT’S why this is an investment in my health. Not just a little money I pay one time, but the time investment of 5 minutes here and there that optimizes my body for health and energy is worth small amount of attention it takes to bath in the red glow.

Not only that, I look great in red light. It’s the perfect accessory for the bedroom. Put this light on and bathe in the glow from across the room.

You wouldn’t want to leave it on too close too long. No more than 15-20 minutes of time total with light shining on you from 6″ -12″ away. More is not better.

But some is lovely.

Some is divine.

This red light therapy is safer than sunlight and safer than physical exercise.

And if you have trouble sleeping, red light therapy acts on your melatonin levels to help you sleep.

I’ve arranged with Eric James, the CEO of Red Rush Co. to give you a  $25 discount off one Red Rush 360 light when you use Promo Code STRONG.

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If you decide for yourself you want this, please let me know. I am using mine now and would enjoy comparing notes.

With Ari’s experimentation with hundreds of people here are just parts of some of his protocols:

Fat Loss —Shine it on places you want to lose fat.

Cellulite Reduction —Target the light on the cellulite.

Immune Health —Target the thymus gland in the center of the chest.

Skin Anti-Aging —Front and back of body before bed or when you get up.

Brain Performance, Mood Enhancement (Combatting Anxiety and Depression), or Brain Healing —Forehead and neck work best if you have hair.

Sleep Enhancement —1.5 to 2 hours before bed shine the light on the back of your neck and spine.

There are many, many more treatments outlined for fatigue, industry, workout performance and more.

These red lights are going to become more and more popular.

If you are one of those people who just responds well to good lighting and is bothered by poor, bright or blue lighting… you will love and respond to red light therapy.

Email me back if you have any questions not answered on Eric’s Red Rush 360 website.

Let’s stay young and healthy together.

This is what 40, 50 and pushing 60 looks like…

My girlfriends and I with our “manservants.” 😉

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  1. Love all this information. Can’t wait to use it

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