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Too Fat for Sex

Too Fat for Sex

If you’re married and your sex life isn’t as hot as you want, listen up.

You’re not the only one. It happens to a lot of couples.

However, the reason behind it isn’t always as crazy as the love and passion being gone, or infidelity, not even a boring marriage.

Sometimes, it’s because the woman has a lack of confidence in herself, her beauty, physical appearance, and maybe even how she performs in bed.

This happens when she starts getting critical of her midsection… a.k.a. her belly.

And it’s a sad thing when a woman no longer feels comfortable in her own skin, lying naked beside her lover.

This is exactly what happened to Todd and his wife Tara. (Though it could as easily be the guy who has lost his body confidence. Either way, read on.)

She was a confident, tough, gorgeous police woman until she gained “a little weight” and discovered she was on the verge of type 2 diabetes.

That’s when her self-esteem was crushed, and along with it their intimacy and sex life.

She thought she was “too ugly” for lovemaking. And that she wouldn’t live long enough to see her daughter graduate. She even started losing her will power to do anything.

However, Todd didn’t want to lose his beloved wife like this. So he took matters into his own hands.

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⇐ And How Todd “Saved” His Wife And Their Marriage With A Single Trick

The secret has something to do with a “special spice” that you add to your drink every morning.

This hot beverage practically helps you lose your belly fat without any crazy workouts or diet restrictions.

Plus, it’s super easy to make right in your own kitchen. And it works for BOTH men and women.

Todd discovered this secret spice while doing this job as a SWAT officer… in the weirdest way you can ever imagine.

And this simple beverage is the reason why Tara had lost over 11 lbs in just a single week.

If your wife isn’t as confident in herself and her body as she used to, this might help her out… and help your marriage out as well.

And if you’re a woman who can relate to how Tara almost lost herself because of her “belly problems,” you might want to watch their story.

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