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NEW Pheromone Formula For Couples Who Want To Revive Intimacy

NEW Pheromone Formula For Couples Who Want To Revive Intimacy


What if you could have a near-instant way to put your partner in a sensual, sexual mood, without using silly mind games, seduction tricks, or gifts…

One of the most painful secrets inside any relationship is when your partner refuses to have sex. It hurts both parties involved.

One person wonders why their partner won’t give them the love and affection they crave and desire.

And the other wonders why their partner can’t just leave them alone and mind their own business.

This happens A LOT in relationships… especially after the “Honeymoon Phase” has come and gone.

And while there are many ways to respark the intimacy in your relationship, seduce your lover and turn them on… most of them require quite a bit of work on your part.

It would be great if we had a magic button we could press and instantly have the best, most intimate lovemaking we could ever imagine.

That has never been close to reality… until now.

I want to show you, what I think, may be the most potent way lovers can spark passion and sexual arousal without talking, seducing, or silly mind games.


Yes, these are pheromones.

Natural, potent, and safe, little seduction bombs you put on your skin.

It’s like when a female dog is in heat, male dogs can “smell” her from a while away. They come running because they’re so infatuated. And they can’t help it.

Because it’s part of nature.

These pheromones work the same way too, but for people.

I’ve been telling the world about these wonderful things for years now.

However, just a few weeks ago my good friend, Dr. Drew Amend, the person who developed these sensual masterpieces informed me that he had a new formulation available.

He made the formula even more potent, and imbued it with an extra dash of oxytocin…

Otherwise known as the “Love Hormone.”

Perfect for lovers and long-term couples who want to respark intimacy and passion in the bedroom.

Quick, dab a little of this on you tonight.

Most of us grew up to believe that marriage was to be the giant safety net for getting all of our needs met.

When sex goes out the window, it’s a sign something is definitely wrong.     

Sex is the most intense pleasure on the spectrum of human experience, and as such, it is also the one that can bring the most pain.

Being denied sex by your partner is one of the most painful and humiliating things a person can endure.  

Of course there are other components to a marriage — love, trust, respect, compassion, affection, communication and a hundred other things.  

And if one of these components becomes damaged, it can affect your sex life.

That is why this is the wonderful solution you’re going to want to check out and try for yourself ⇒

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  1. The honeymoon phase ends about the time the cake is cut. Matter of fact wedding cake is the one food that makes women forget about sex.

  2. sounds good

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