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107 Proven Ways To Get The Girl

107 Proven Ways To Get The Girl

Every girl is ALREADY attracted to you —even if she doesn’t know it yet.

That’s what my new friend, Patrick James, says about dating and attraction.

You see, there’s a natural TENSION that already exists between you and ANY girl you meet.

And that tension is the building block to getting her chemically attracted to you.

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re walking down an empty hallway, and notice a cute girl walking towards you going in the opposite direction.  As you’re about to pass her you wonder to yourself…

“Should I say hi?” “Should I make eye contact?” “Or should I just pull out my phone and pretend I got a text?”

Before you know it, you and her walk past each other. Nothing happens.

No harm, no foul, right?

Think again!

In his NEW book, Patrick talks about how you could turn that same situation into an opportunity to transform that natural tension… and spark intense attraction in ANY woman.

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The only reason you felt that way when walking past a girl (who you don’t even know), is because of the natural TENSION that already exists between you and her.

9 times out of 10, she felt the exact same way!

Tension is the building block to attraction.

What you do with it decides if you get her or not…

Patrick James just released his NEW book, “107 Proven Ways To Get The Girl: The Raw Secrets of Attracting Women Anytime, Anywhere.”

And I got you a link where you can claim a FREE copy (you’ve just got to cover shipping).

If you don’t know who Patrick is yet… He’s the coach and creator of Raw Dating Advice and is widely considered the world’s #1 expert on sexual tension and attraction.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside his book.

  • The 3 Attraction MISTAKES that turn women off, and will land you in the friend-zone if you don’t avoid them. – Secret #1
  • Why creating “Negative Space” is the best way to turn a casual fling into a girl who’s desperate to be your girlfriend. – Secret #72
  • The 3 “Inception” Stories that spark attraction and make her feel connected to you at the same time. – Secret #24
  • The 400 year old secret that makes you an “Intriguing Game” she wants to win (think of this as playing “hard-to-get” on steroids). – Secret #5
  • The simple “Sex Test” that tells you if she’s attracted to you (even if you don’t think she is). – Secret #49
  • The 9-Minute Conversation GAME that gets her opening up to you, and turning herself on in the process! (Use this if you tend to run out of things to say) – Secret #63
  • How to “Text” your way out of the friend-zone, and into her bedroom. – Secret #36

There are only 500 copies of his book, and I urge you to claim yours ASAP before it goes out of stock.

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