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Fast Without The Hunger

Fast Without The Hunger

You can activate stem cell-based renewal in your body through fasting. When your body isn’t occupied digesting food, it gets to perform cellular clean up and renewal.

But it takes more than intermittent fasting or feeding windows to get to this state.

Stem cell-based rejuvenation is only ONE of the reasons many people have adapted to doing a multi-day fast every once in a while.

I don’t have any weight to lose. Fasting can be done strictly for regenerative and longevity purposes. When you do a long fast you go into autophagy and your body releases your own endogenous stem cells.

But like anyone, I don’t want to be hungry. So I use the ProLon Fasting-Mimicking Diet. You eat a meal plan for five days that creates the same effect without feeling hungry.


People are shocked when they find out I fast. They immediately ask me, ‘Why?’

I’ll tell you why. I’m a fan of doing things that get disproportionate results.

That’s why I love walking, yoga, and drinking lots of water.

These produce benefits that outweigh the energy needed to get them. The same thing is true with long fasts. When you do a long fast you get nearly a dozen key benefits. With long fasts you:

*Lose Stubborn Abdominal Fat
*Activate Rejuvenation from Within
*Go Into Autophagy
*Release Stem Cells
*Experience Mental Clarity
*Improve Appearances

And those are just the common benefits!

When I discovered I could do a 5-day fast with real tasty food using a scientifically formulated and patented meal program called ProLon. With ProLon, I would be able to tap into all the benefits of a 5 day fast.

Here are my three favorite benefits that convinced me to start a ProLon 5-day fast, and why you should as well.

Benefit 1: Long Fasts Promote Cellular Rejuvenation

With ProLon you can unlock your body’s innate ability to regenerate from within!

Benefit 2: You Reset Your Metabolism

When you’re done the fast, you want less food. You could use the analogy that it “shrinks” your stomach.

Benefit 3: It Combats Aging

I won’t say long fasts are a fountain of youth. What I will say is that ProLon produces a profound impact on the body and its ability to fight the signs of aging.

Interested In Getting These MASSIVE Health Benefits?

If you are ready for a change, health benefits you love, and successfully completing your first long fast, visit ProLon. There you can read the reviews, check out the science and tune in to an unboxing videos.

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Susan and Tim are planning to do a ProLon fast every quarter this year. They got me all excited about it too! To anti-aging!

Dr. Patti Taylor

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