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Mental Edging Technique For Hands-Free Orgasms

Mental Edging Technique For Hands-Free Orgasms

Have you heard of the “No-Touch” orgasm?

It might sound odd, but according to science, there are proven techniques that can effortlessly provoke female arousal and orgasm —with ZERO touching…

While women usually need clitoral stimulation to climax, her brain plays a big part in her pleasure. If she’s not into it… she’s not going to come.

Think of a woman’s mind as a multiplier for sensations and emotions.

The more you stimulate her mind while you give her emotional and sensual pleasure, the more powerful she’s going to actually FEEL it in her body.

That’s what my good friend and fellow sexpert, Lloyd Lester’s “No-Touch” orgasm techniques are all about.


How does this work?

A famous example of how emotions can trigger different responses is the ever-famous story about Pavlov’s dog.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a story about how Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist, known for his study in classical conditioning, was able to psychologically “trick” his dog into salivating.

He noticed that his dogs salivated when food was presented to them.

So he did a little experiment by ringing a bell every time he presents food to “call the dogs over.”

So when the dogs came, and they saw that they had food, they would naturally salivate.

After numerous occasions of doing the same thing over and over again, he noticed that whenever he rang the bell, his dogs would automatically salivate — regardless if he gave them food or not.

This fascinating study about anchoring and conditioning is what lead Lloyd Lester to integrate this technique into lovemaking.

So any man can easily make a woman come — without even trying.

In fact, each time you use the “Mental Edging” technique he teaches in his program, your woman’s pleasure will double.

And if you add this “Pleasure Looping” trick (another one I plan on asking my lover to try on me) into the mix?

Her capacity for feeling pleasure will increase five-fold!

When you give your woman a variety of sexual experiences (and not just the usual pump and dump grind,) she’s going to want to give MORE back to you.

Don’t settle for average sex. Don’t settle for average orgasms.

Give your lover this completely NEW and exhilarating experience, and cement yourself in her mind as her ultimate lover.

As an expert in female ejaculation, I can tell you Lloyd’s info is legit. It’s not magic. It’s not a hack. It’s a psychological technique with roots in hypnotherapy. Trained experts use these techniques to “cure” their patients of their problems with phobias, negative thoughts, and addiction. Yet, Lloyd was able to discover how to use this for sex. It’s quite fascinating.

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