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NEW and Improved Rock Hard Formula

NEW and Improved Rock Hard Formula


My good friend, Adam Armstrong, creator of the Rock Hard Formula, something I’ve been a solid supporter of for a looooong time, has announced that he has upgraded it to Rock Hard Formula V2, and now tastes better and is even more powerful than before.

This is critical for men, because if you’ve been a fan of Rock Hard Formula, you now get an even more potent drink to give you phenomenal sexual performance.

And if you’re still a Rock Hard Formula virgin, now you get to get a taste of an upgraded version on your first try. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, and a phenomenal sexual boost to gain.


In today’s toxic environment you HAVE TO FIGHT BACK. Don’t let the plastics, the chemicals, the shitty foods that are realistically a part of your life rob you of your erections.

Drink Rock Hard EVERY DAY as one healthy thing you can so easily do.

There are SO MANY systems in your body that can be supported by a natural, plant-based approach to erectile function.

I like Rock Hard Formula because it’s natural. Just fantastic, high quality ingredients that come from living things.

No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavorings, and toxic chemicals like many other drinks do.

Rock Hard Formula is Sugar-FREE, Trans Fat-FREE, Soy-FREE, Gluten-FREE, GMO-FREE, and is 100% natural.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about when drinking Rock Hard Formula is all the sex you’ll be having. I’m not kidding.

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Here’s what’s inside Rock Hard Formula v2, according to their website.

He Shou Wu 10:1
He Shou Wu is the most amazing anti-aging and longevity herb of all – and can be used to increase sex-drive, fertility, sperm count and build semen volume (even in old men)

Goji Berry 12:1
Goji Berries can significantly improve sexual function by encourages circulation (and blow flow) around the body.

Cistanche 10:1
Cistanche is known to provide an increase in sexual potency, and even size, in men. Also mentioned is how this herb improves sexual function and can help to fix erectile dysfunction.

Nettle Root 10:1
Nettle Root positively affects your prostate, joints, blood sugar levels, and skin. It’s also been known to support healthy Testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris 10:1
Of the many benefits men can get from Tribulus -the following are probably of most interest… it’s a natural testosterone booster that improves sexual function and satisfaction.

Eucommia Bark 10:1
Eucommia Bark is a powerful strengthener of the reproductive system and stimulator of the sex glands and organs. They also detail how this Superherb can normalize sexual function and increase libido.

Horny Goat Weed 10:1
Horny Goat Weed can increase sex-drive, testosterone levels and stamina in men while also helping boost erectile performance and rekindling sexual fire. It’s also named one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world.

Morinda Root 10:1
Morinda Root can be used to enhance male sexual performance and get rid of impotence and premature ejaculation. And they show studies that prove it.

Salvia Root 10:1
Salvia Root supports healthy blood circulation around the body. A healthy blood flow is required for a strong erection, hence the reason why this herb is important for any man wanting hard, long-lasting erections.

NOTHING ELSE. All natural!

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