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How To Trigger The Emotional Desire Centers Of Her Brain

How To Trigger The Emotional Desire Centers Of Her Brain

The second you and an attractive woman lock glances, the attraction phase begins.

She’ll scan you from head to toe, look at how you stand, how you walk, how you talk to her, and how you react to her “tests.”

And she decides whether you’re right for her. Whether you would be a great guy to hang with.

But if you think it’s her logical brain that makes the decision for her, that’s not the case at all. In fact, it’s her emotional brain that choose for her.

That means ANY guy, even someone with a dad bod, a bald spot, and who drives a moped can get together with an attractive woman… if you only know how to trigger the emotional “desire” centers of her brain.

That’s where Dr. David Tian, the Asian doctor of seduction, and his discovery about using Mirror Neurons for attracting women come in…

So instead of going after women like a horny dog (and getting in trouble with the #MeToo police,) you get women to chase YOU instead.

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Dr. David Tian discovered that you can trick the Mirror Neurons in a woman’s brain to send signals all over her body and get her to feel desire for you.

Even if you’ve just met.

Mirror neurons make feelings, emotions and actions contagious. They’re the reason you’re happy to see a good friend or excited when your favorite band takes the stage. Or why you suddenly get the urge to yawn when you see someone do it.

While other guys address the “logical” reasons for a woman to want them…

By trying to get ripped, or buy her expensive gifts…

YOU know these aren’t what truly controls her decisions.

You can “buy” her logical brain all you want. But it’s her emotional brain that has the final say.

Why do you think lots of women go for bad boys instead of employed, loyal, and morally good men?

A woman’s emotions get the best of her.

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