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How To Send The Right Sex Signals To Him

How To Send The Right Sex Signals To Him

The signals men and women send to show they are interested hardly ever work.

That’s why it’s so difficult to hook up and meet new people. Sex signals are flying everywhere, but most people can’t spot them.

Woe to the uninitiated… until now.

There is so much unmet desire on both sides and it just kills me.

Lots more people would get more great sex and incredible life experiences if they just knew how to send clear signals.

Look around right now. Women are constantly sending out signals that. guys. are. not. picking. up.


This video was created by my friend Craig Miller. He shows guys how to read the signals women are sending when they are interested in them.

And most especially, when women are, as they say, “horny AF.”

His video is a little “dirty” but in reality, what Craig teaches is SOLID advice so you don’t miss out on opportunities like Macy did all summer.

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