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NEW Sweet Spot Oral Pleasure Position

NEW Sweet Spot Oral Pleasure Position

“My all-time favorite is the “Sweet Spot” cunnilingus pillow position.” This oral sex stimulation technique brings a woman’s “honey pot” to life.


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You may just be getting to know me, but as a trusted hot sex advisor to millions, I email lovers worldwide with passionate lovemaking techniques.

So I hope you’ll enjoy this advanced lover’s oral pleasuring skill with my compliments. This is one of my most popular sex techniques EVER!

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Now to the free skill:

You probably know the #1 way most women achieve orgasm with a partner is through oral sex.

And you also know, long cunnilingus can get uncomfortable.

For BOTH of you.

If you’re both not comfortable, the “receiver” will want to shut her legs like an oyster protecting her juicy, luscious flesh and precious pearl.

And if the “giver” is not well-supported, they’re going to end up with a stiff neck.

Here’s my favorite cunnilingus position EVER!

Check It Out Here ⇐ My All-Time Favourite “Sweet Spot” Cunnilingus Pillow Position

Sweet Spot Cunnilingus


But wait! Before you see the cunnilingus pillow position, know that this is an oral sex technique that will bring a woman’s “honey pot” to life.

Her vulva dances with her lover’s tongue rather than just laying there flat. She’s writhing and shaking her lips back and forth across your lips. She’s as active inside her vagina as outside. Her whole Yoni is a quivering, tantalizing dancer.

Click the link below If you want to experience a woman’s juicy flesh “playing with” her lover’s mouth and tongue…

Get “Eaten Up” So Good That Your Wet, Juicy, Velvety Smoothness Comes To Life ⇐ Magical Oral Sex Stimulation Position (Brings A Woman’s Sweet-Spot Alive)


I’m sure you’ll love this oral sex technique. Tomorrow’s email will be about pleasuring a woman’s breasts the right way.

Most men do it wrong. It’s not the guy’s fault. They are just doing to women what they want women to do to them. (grab their package and play with it, appreciate it, love it)

And instead of making breast-play a pleasurable experience for her, it becomes a tedious feeling of being played with a toy radio set.

More sexy details tomorrow on the Breast Massage Game Plan. Stay tuned for now.

Have Him “Eat You Up” Like Candy ⇐ Melt-In-His-Mouth, Not Just In His Hands Oral Technique

Want more sex positions to add variety in the bedroom? How about some sensual massage strokes? Maybe you’d like to learn more oral lovemaking techniques as well.

I have you covered.

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