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Discover Why Adding The Right Probiotic To Your Diet Is Essential

Discover Why Adding The Right Probiotic To Your Diet Is Essential


Probiotics. We hear about it everywhere like some kind of new superfood.  Yet, shocking data is coming out of modern gut tests.

According to Viome, the gut-testing company backed by our friend Dave Asprey that almost 99% of commercial probiotic supplements don’t show up in your gut.

You heard that correctly, virtually every probiotic is a waste of money despite what you’ve heard in the media.

Probiotics are massively important to keep your gut microbiome from getting overtaken by SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), H. Pylori (which is the leading cause of stomach cancer) and for fighting candida albicans.

If you’ve been taking antibiotics, it’s imperative that you take probiotics to reseed your gut biome. When your gut doesn’t work right, you can’t produce enough hormones and you begin to get inflammation that leads to chronic diseases. It all starts in your gut.

The website explains 3 critical factors for choosing the BEST probiotic that actually works…


Discover why adding the right probiotic to your diet is essential if you want to live a long, healthy and happy life.

In fact, they also show you details of a University study that confirmed people who started taking the right probiotics while still eating their regular diet lost TWICE as much weight as those who are heavily dieting and exercising.

The research explained on the website says it’s possible.

And you’ll finally know the most important fact to consider when picking your next probiotic (hint: it’s not just probiotic count and it’s NOT the “number of strains”) 

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