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7 Highly-seductive Phrases That Trigger Shockwaves Of LUST

7 Highly-seductive Phrases That Trigger Shockwaves Of LUST


“Get her soaking wet for you…”

Did you know you can easily seduce a woman just by talking to her?

I’m not talking about dirty talk, or hypnosis or anything special.

I’m talking about normal everyday words, that are formed together in a certain way that speak directly to a woman’s mind and causes her to explode with feelings of lust and horniness for you.

Use them when your relationship with your partner feels like it’s on the rocks.

Use them whenever you want to have some intense, rock star sex with your lover.

Use them on that cute girl you want to take home for a night you both would never forget.

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From a guy’s point of view, it doesn’t sound like it means a thing.

However, these phrases are very seductive to hear from a woman’s perspective.

The moment she hears even just one of these phrases, she will melt almost instantly.

That’s because these phrases are exactly the type of seduction women crave to hear from men.

The type of seduction that isn’t crass, vulgar or pushy.

These phrases have worked for men from all over the world, on women of all kinds.

And they all have the same effect.

It turns ice queens into intimate, affectionate and oftentimes HORNY women.

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