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Men And Collagen, What You Need To Know

Men And Collagen, What You Need To Know


There’s a vital nutrient that you may not even know you’re deficient in…. because the majority of the types of supplements on the market are geared toward women.

That nutrient?


Now your wife or girlfriend may have a collagen “skin cream” or even take a collagen supplement to help with wrinkles aging, but there’s a LOT more to collagen than meets the eye. And men need it just as much as women.

Every year starting around 30 your body starts to lessen collagen production and every one of these so-called symptoms of aging, including your penile health and your sex drive, are tied to collagen.

And nothing to mess with —collagen (in its many forms) is actually “the glue” that holds us together — and that includes the smooth muscle fibers in your penis, keeping your collagen levels where they should be will keep you performing your best in the bedroom.

Here are the 5 reasons why men need collagen:

  1. Preserves Joints And Reduces Joint Pain

It’s common for people to start getting aches and pains as they age. But that doesn’t mean you HAVE to have them. As people age, collagen decreases, and this, in turn, causes joints to swell and get stiffer.

  1. Strengthens Your Skin, Hair, And Teeth

Collagen is one of the best natural skin care substances. Research published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology discovered that oral collagen supplementation improves skin elasticity, moisture and even reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

Collagen is also crucial for fingernails, hair, and teeth. More collagen means better-looking hair and stronger teeth.

  1. Helps Treat Leaky Gut

Collagen helps break down proteins and soothes your gut lining, as well as heal damaged cell walls. All these help prevent leaky gut syndrome. Collagen “seals and heals” the protective lining in the gut.

Diarrhea, constipation and bloating are all signs of a leaky gut. Studies published in the Journal Of Clinical Pathology discovered that patients with leaky gut had less collagen in their system.

  1. Boosts Metabolism, Muscle Building, And Energy

Collagen contains the amino acid glycine, and it is important in building muscle tissue. So collagen helps build muscle mass. More muscle mass helps improve metabolism. Glycine has also been known to slow down aging, improving bone health, digestion, and even your central nervous system.

  1. Protects Your Heart

High proline content in collagen helps protect your heart health. Proline helps clear fat accumulation in the arteries, repair tissue within your joints and arteries, and control your blood pressure.

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Now before you run out and get the first collagen you see on the store shelf let me give you a very specific warning…

The majority of these collagen supplements on the market right now have only ONE type of collagen. They’re literally missing the other 4 that work in SYNERGY to support your body and it’s systems.

And even though we call it “collagen” there are actually over 23 different types that have been discovered. But there are 5 main types that are vital to your overall health especially as you age.

Type I: skin, tendon, vasculature, organs, and bone

Type II: The main component of cartilage in the body

Type III: reticulate (the main component of reticular fibers)

Type V: forms the basal lamina

Type IX: cell surfaces, hair, and placenta

These 5 “super collagens” need to work TOGETHER to support your joints, your muscles, your sex drive, and your overall health.

But I have great news. There is one brand new collagen supplement that not only uses all 5 of the main types of collagen your body needs, and it also uses “clean sourced” collagen.

Research has revealed that a lot of the most popular (and expensive) collagen supplements can have some truly alarming things hidden in them including steroids, insecticides, antibiotics, parabens even prescription drug remnants – that’s because the majority of collagen supplements are taken from factory farmed animals – but this one is completely different.

It’s not only clean sourced, and all organic (and FDA approved) it’s got a secret ingredient that actually helps activate the collagen synergy inside your body. Find out all you need to know to get the RIGHT collagen into your body

The reason I recommend THIS Organixx collagen is because of it’s “Clean” status. It’s made from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows in Argentina who have no added hormones.

My friend Parvati has been educating me about the dangers of non-organic everything. Organic collagen is HARD to find. And this brand, Organixx is the highest quality I have found. I love their formulations. They appeal to the “Whole Foods Mom,” which I guess is what I am! Clean. Healthy. But no wrinkles for me. OMG!

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