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New Cause Of Brittle Hair And Nails, Dry Skin, Lack Of Libido

New Cause Of Brittle Hair And Nails, Dry Skin, Lack Of Libido


I really hate “myths” about “getting older” because a lot of them are sheer nonsense.

Wrinkles, drooping skin, brittle nails… we’ve been told it’s just a part of the aging process, but I call B.S.

And I’ll tell you why. Every year starting around 30 your body starts to lessen collagen production and every one of these so-called symptoms of aging, including your vaginal health and your sex drive are tied to collagen.

Millions of women are collagen deficient and don’t even know it. The women who DO know about collagen and collagen deficiency are, in my experience, not treating it properly.

One HUGE problem with “collagen” is that we treat it like it’s one single thing when in reality there are over 23 different types of this beneficial protein.

But our bodies really need 5 specific types of collagen to be truly healthy –

Type I: skin, tendon, vasculature, organs, and bone

Type II: The main component of cartilage in the body

Type III: reticulate (the main component of reticular fibers)

Type IV: forms the basal lamina

Type V: cell surfaces, hair, and placenta

And it’s nothing to mess with —collagen (in its many forms) is actually “the glue” that holds us together — and that importantly includes your vaginal muscles.

Studies show that collagen can help tighten up the muscles in your vagina that are weakened from the normal aging process and childbearing.

And that’s a great thing since “vaginal looseness” can lead to a loss of sensation during sex… inability to orgasm… or fewer orgasms during sex.

Now like I said, the women that DO know about deficiency turn to super expensive creams and collagen powders but what they don’t know is they’re throwing money down the drain when they do.

Why? Because the majority of these collagen supplements on the market right now have only ONE type of collagen – they’re literally missing the other 4 that work in SYNERGY to support your body and it’s systems.

These 5 “super collagens” need to work TOGETHER to support glowing skin, gorgeous hair, healthy nails, and best of all increase your sex drive and tighten your vagina.

But I have great news – there is one brand new collagen supplement that not only uses all 5 of the main types of collagen your body needs, it also uses “clean-sourced” collagen.

Research has revealed that a lot of the most popular (and expensive) collagen supplements can have some truly alarming things hidden in them including steroids, insecticides, antibiotics, parabens even prescription drug remnants –that’s because the majority of collagen supplements are taken from factory-farmed animals –but this one is completely different.

It’s not only clean-sourced, and all organic (and FDA approved) it’s got a secret ingredient that actually helps activate the collagen synergy inside your body – Find out all you need to know to get the RIGHT collagen into your body


The reason I recommend THIS Organixx collagen is because of it’s “Clean” status. It’s made from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows in Argentina who have no added hormones.

My friend Parvati has been educating me about the dangers of non-organic everything. Organic collagen is HARD to find. And this brand, Organixx is the highest quality I have found. I love their formulations. They appeal to the “Whole Foods Mom,” which I guess is what I am! Clean. Healthy. But no wrinkles for me. OMG!

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