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Get Your Partner To Want You More

Get Your Partner To Want You More


Better loving through chemistry…

I watched Ben try to get Alisa to leave her boyfriend, move out and start dating him, all because she tasted so good to him when he was going down on her. 

Chemistry… the raw attraction one human being feels for another.

It comes from our senses. You look good. You feel good. You smell good. You sound good. You taste good.

Have you ever been with someone you like but they smell “off” —their body odor repels you, their breath stinks, their balls stink, their vagina doesn’t taste good to you… 

Pheromones are at work. 

Pheromones are the scent a person gives off that attracts people to them. There is proof that women’s olfactory (sense of smell) changes when they are taking birth control pills. They are attracted to men who wouldn’t normally smell good to them. And when they go off the pill their attraction vanishes.

While pheromones work outside the body to attract desire, a hormone called oxytocin works to bond the person to you.

Now you can have a pheromone with oxytocin in it to both draw a person closer and make them feel great when they are in your arms.


Yes, these are pheromones now with the new addition of a hormone called the “love chemical.”

Natural, potent, and safe, little seduction bombs you put on your skin. 

Perfect for lovers and long-term couples who want to respark intimacy and passion in the bedroom. 

Quick, dab a little of this on you tonight. 

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I get emails from some of my fans saying pheromones are bullshit.

I totally disagree! I’ve been recommending Dr. Virgil Amend’s pheromones for many years. 

When a person dabs a little on, it makes them more fearless, more willing to get closer to another person.

You have to get out there and get close to people for them to experience you in all your senses. And that includes the person you’re married to, not just a single person.

When you get closer, the pheromones emit a subtle scent of attraction. This helps the situation.  The benefits come from a combination of emotional and physical effects.

And with these new Oxytocin aromatics, if you can hug or hold a person while wearing them, it’s going to make them feel good in your arms and draw them closer to you.

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