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How Women Are Fighting And Winning In Life

How Women Are Fighting And Winning In Life


A girlfriend of mine just called me for advice. She “lost” her libido and was depressed.  Her boyfriend shamed her for a herpes break out. And she hadn’t felt truly good for the last year.

I told her herpes is just a virus like epstein barr or chicken pox. A third of the population has it. And she has to take care of her immune system. I shared my herpes suppression formula with her and addressed the bigger issue: no sex drive for the last year.

Why? Why? Why? 

What is going on with her I pondered… 

“Hey, Kacie, when did you get your boob job?”

“Last year,” she said.

BINGO! She’s most likely having inflammation creating an auto-immune response to the implants.

I would have NEVER figured that out if I hadn’t met Kayte Susse, explant doctor and educator.

If you’re a woman, what is in this email is going to be a BIG DEAL for you. 

I want to invite to a 7-day summit for empowered women. It’s called “50 Ways To Women’s Wellness…” 

And I’m one of the speakers. And so is Dr. Susse.

In fact, 50 of the world’s most powerful and influential women are involved to help you transform your health, wealth, and happiness. 

We share our best advice on topics such as health, healing, self-care, disease prevention, weight loss, energy, relationships, mental health, empowerment, financial freedom, and more. 

We women MUST stick together and teach each other the latest ways to wellness. Because the traditional system is BROKEN.


Did you play with Barbie dolls as a little girl? Or let your children play with them? 

If so, it may have taken a toll on your body image and self-esteem. 

You see, a study published in the journal Body Image (The Barbie Doll Disorder), three researchers asked 112 girls to play with a thin doll (a “Barbie”) and a full-figured doll.

The researchers discovered that girls tended to desire a body shape more closely aligned to the dolls with which they played.

And Barbie is unnaturally thin. If she was a real woman, she’d be 5’9″, under 120lbs and have body fat so low she would not menstruate or bear children. 

This is beyond sad. 

That’s also why women-centered, female-empowering events like these are a MUST in today’s societal landscape. 

This is a picture of me with Dr. Kayte Susse. She’s an expert in explants — taking out breast implants that cause women horrible auto-immune illnesses.

I got my big boobs naturally, but many women feel pressured to the point of illness to have a certain kind of body. This is bullshit… we MUST ban together to support our health and happiness.

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⇐ Be Part Of The 50 Ways To Women’s Wellness Summit

The event goes deep into everything women need to be healthy on every level…

…emotional healing and self-care… to chronic disease prevention… hormones… pregnancy… finances… career… empowerment and so much more. 

50 Ways to Women’s Wellness features speakers like:  

  • Fran Drescher (former star of The Nanny and current natural health advocate)
  • Oprah’s executive producer and former president of OWN 
  • Health luminaries like Donna Gates (creator of The Body Ecology Diet that introduced probiotic foods to millions of women)

When you register, you’ll get access to these exclusive health and empowerment talks, absolutely free!

But, only for a limited time. 

Don’t miss this historic event created by women, for women, to transform YOUR health, wealth and happiness over 7 days. 

This is your time, you deserve it.  

Several of the talks address body image issues, weight and eating disorders — major concerns for women of all ages. 

As we learned from the Barbie research, this negative programming starts so early! 

Sadly, a separate study found that by the time women reach ages 18 to 25, OVER HALF says they’d rather be run over by a truck than to be overweight. 

If that isn’t heartbreaking, I don’t know what is. 

Thankfully, those who gathered to create 50 Ways to Women’s Wellness are DOING something about it, by helping women take their power back. 

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