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Use Brain Boosting Music To Activate Your Creativity

Use Brain Boosting Music To Activate Your Creativity


Have you tried out these “Brainwave Shots?”

I’ve been giving you AMAZING hypnosis gifts recently. This time, I want you to try something different. 

These are specialized soundwaves that help you activate certain parts of your brain such as CREATIVITY, focus, happiness, energy, relaxation, sleep, motivation, confidence, brainpower… and so much more! 

All by just LISTENING to a piece of music. 

It’s EASY, effective, and backed by over 100 years of science. 


Think about your life right now… 

→  You and your partner don’t give each other as much intimacy as you both desire.
→  You skip the gym because you don’t have the energy.
→  You deliver work late because you don’t have enough focus.
→  You cancel on the party, because you don’t feel in the mood.
→  You stare for hours at the ceiling, because you can’t sleep.

These things happen to us all, every day. We usually just wait for a few hours (or days) and try again.

But CONSIDER this for a second…

What if you could CONTROL your state of mind?

What if you could change the way you feel, literally on-demand?

You’d no longer feel stuck. You could instantly flick between desired states of mind, as you wish.

All the struggles of being in the right “zone” or mood would disappear.

That’s where these Brainwave Shots come in. 

They use special brainwave sounds to change how you feel, all within just minutes. Just listen to the audio and you’re done.

I love these little Brainwave Shots, and I think you will too 🙂 

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